A Short Guide: How to Sell a Car Without a Title

Selling a used car privately is usually a straightforward process. List it on online auto classifieds and wait for prospective buyers to contact you. After a bit of negotiation, you’re ready to close the deal and hand over the car’s ownership title to the buyer.

What if you don’t have the car’s title?

Things will get complicated, no doubt.

You see, a title is a document that shows you’re the rightful owner of the car. Without it, an interested buyer might think it’s stolen.

But here’s the thing. You can still sell it.

Here’s how to sell a car without a title.

What’s the Reason You Don’t Have the Car’s Title?

Having no proof of ownership doesn’t necessarily mean you acquired the car through illegal means. You can be the rightful owner and still lack the title.

For instance, you might have misplaced it and never bothered to get a replacement. Or you owe money on the car, so the lender is in possession of the title.

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s important to know that your state’s department of motor vehicles can easily replace the title. You just need to show up with your identification documents and be ready to pay replacement fees.

If you can replace the title, by all means, do it. There’s no need to go through the trouble of selling a car without a title when you can easily get a replacement title.

But let’s face it. You’re probably reading this article because selling the car without a title is your only choice.

Be Straight Up with Potential Buyers

When you’re selling a title-less car, be upfront with potential buyers.

In your adverts, state that the car has no title, and the reason why that’s the case. As soon as an interested buyer contacts you, inform them about the title issue, just in case they missed that bit in the ad.

Most likely, a person who will be interested in buying a car without a title isn’t a first-time owner. This is a person who understands that a title-less car doesn’t necessarily mean it’s stolen. As such, being upfront will help you attract this kind of buyer.

Sell to a Junkyard

If the car you’re selling is no longer drivable, a junkyard is probably your only option. These yards usually buy any kind of beat down car, so selling a car with no title to them is no big deal, as long as the price is right.

If they have any reason to doubt your ownership of the car, they can check up the vehicle’s details using the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Any other buyer can do this as well.

Draw Up a Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a document that records a transaction between to parties. In this case, it will flesh out identifying information about you, the buyer, and the car.

Although a bill of sale doesn’t prove ownership, it’s a legal document that can be used in a dispute. A buyer will be more confident when they see that you’re willing to draw up a bill of sale. What’s more, the document can be certified by a notary public.

How to Sell a Car Without a Title Made Easy!

Ideally, cars should be sold with the title. But there are circumstances that can force you to put it on the market when you don’t have the title.

It’s a big challenge, yes, but one that you can overcome. Now that you have this guide on how to sell a car without a title, you’re ready to get it done! 

Good luck and keep reading our blog for may handy tips and hacks.

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