A Recovery Service Can Save Your Day

No traveller enjoys experiencing a breakdown of his or her transportation, but breakdowns do occur and, as luck would have it, they usually occur at the worst possible times and in the worst possible locations, though all be told there is never a convenient time or place to experience a breakdown. The Arabian Desert is a vast and inhospitable land and is home to some of the harshest conditions that a motorised vehicle can be subjected to on the planet. For the traveller it can be an obstacle, a recreational playground, or an imminent trap. Whether you are merely crossing this vast and unforgiving landscape to get from Point A to Point B, are out on a desert safari or 4WD adventure, or make a living in the oilfields, when your vehicle breaks down in the hot sand of the Arabian Desert, you need a dependable recovery service to get your vehicle or equipment mobile again. Likewise, you may work and live in the U.A.E. and need your vehicle to get you around in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any of the more remote locations in the Emirates. You need reliable transportation and a maintenance and repair service that you can trust to keep your vehicle on the road or save the day when unexpected vehicle malfunctions leave you stranded.

Breakdowns Can and Do Happen

The U.A.E., like any country, depends on ground transportation for everything from mass transit to personal travel, recreation, and commercial operations. No matter how well you keep your automobile or fleet of vehicles maintained, sooner or later you’re going to experience a breakdown as the hot and sandy environment of the U.A.E. accelerates wear and tear on motorised vehicles. The desert can wreak havoc on rubberised seals and lubricated engine components, causing them to succumb to the dry heat and harden, crack, deteriorate, or overheat, eventually resulting in failure that renders vehicles inoperable.

Without your transportation or equipment, your operations or activities shut down, which is an inconvenience for the desert tourist or traveller on holiday in the big city and a potential disaster for the company that depends on its equipment to remain in operation. When you need to get your equipment moving again, whether it’s in need of repairs or merely a quick recovery service, you’ll find a range of services that are sure to meet your needs.

Dependable Recovery Response

No matter where your vehicle is in the U.A.E. and no matter what the problem is, whether your recreational 4WD is lodged between a mountain rock and a hard place, your Land Rover is up to its axles in desert sand, or your truckload of filming equipment is stranded on location, you’ll find a range of recovery options to get your vehicle or equipment where you need it to be. Recovery services are available when you need them and where you need them, at any time of day or night, from basic towing service to a repair shop in Dubai to a complete recovery and transport service in the middle of the Arabian Desert. With access to a fleet of specialised recovery equipment including basic rear-lift tow trucks, full-down slide backs, low-bed Ro-Ro-trailers, boom lifts, and knuckle cranes, you can be assured that no matter how dire your situation is, there is a recovery solution to meet your needs.