A Real Good Feet Store Review: The Benefits of Personally Fit Arch Supports

We’ve all been there. On our feet, all day, shopping, hiking, walking or playing with our kids. Then we get home, take off our shoes, and feel that all too familiar ache from the bottom of our feet. This cues the thoughts, are my shoes doing enough? Is my arch support enough? What can I do about it? 

Most of us don’t even know where to start. 

Since 1992, The Good Feet Store has been looking to answer these questions by offering personally fit arch supports designed to relieve pain. Every customer meets with a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist who works to understand their needs and lifestyle and helps them find the arch support best for them. Essentially fixing the unknowns that surround selecting arch support. 

There are many reviews of The Good Feet Store online, but we needed to see for ourselves. We wanted to see if The Good Feet Store was truly an option for our readers. We sent in a “secret shopper” to put this to the test. And The Good Feet Store absolutely aced it. After just one visit, the secret shopper walked away completely satisfied by the experience. It was clear that each employee only had his interest in mind.

Below is our secret shopper’s full review, outlining her experience and why we believe that there really are benefits to being personally fit for arch supports versus just buying them online. 


Our secret shopper’s experience can be summarized in only a few words: 5 out of 5. From start to finish, she was treated to a comfortable, friendly service from experienced, knowledgeable staff.

You can make an appointment or just visit a store

Different from most retail stores, you can make an appointment at most Good Feet Stores and they even encourage it. This is so they have enough time to provide personalized service to each customer. With that said, in most cases, an appointment is not required, and you can just stop by any store to meet with a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist. 

Individual support from a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist

Nearly all The Good Feet Store reviews rave about the personal, one-on-one fittings. This process is easy and truly rewarding. Better yet, it’s also free.

Our secret shopper was served by Josh, a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist. Yet this isn’t unique. No matter what location you visit, every The Good Feet Store employee is professionally trained. And this knowledge is on full display. Using these skills, these specialists gather and evaluate personal data to pair each customer with the right inserts.

Josh asked questions about activity level, lifestyle, and overall health needs. He took foot measurements and conducted a balance test. He charted examples of our secret shopper’s footsteps while discussing the science behind their products. Josh then reviewed all this data to determine what specific product would be best.

This high-level care isn’t elite or exclusive. It’s available to anyone. Simply walk through the door and you’ll be greeted by an employee eager to help. While it’s standard here at the Good Feet Store, this level of thoughtfulness is often rare at other specialty stores.

Clean, inviting environment

Cleanliness should not be overlooked. The store and surrounding area were well-maintained and welcoming. Our secret shopper acknowledged and appreciated this. Again, this isn’t random. Every one of the company’s 165 retail locations in the U.S. and throughout the world shares this commitment to clean, safe environments. While trying on the arch supports, there was plenty of room to wander throughout the store while maintaining the required social distancing.

Risk-free assessment

All of this is free. There is no obligation to purchase after an arch support fitting. After a discussion about her lifestyle and needs, Josh provided the secret shopper with arch support options. She was able to give them a try, strolling around the store. Although the arch supports felt outstanding, she decided to wait and take some time to think about it. Without pressuring her to make a decision immediately, Josh provided her with printouts of the estimate to take home and consider.

Other Good Feet Store reviews

Our secret shopper isn’t alone. Others have shared the benefits of this experience too. Overall, The Good Feet Store reviews are overwhelmingly positive. There are thousands of loyal customers who are advocates and champions of this brand. Here are a few opinions of other satisfied customers.

  • On friendly staff – After a visit to the Leesburg store, one reviewer declared they were treated like “gold.” He gushed about the care displayed by the front-line employees and how it was obvious that this attitude is a valuable part of the company’s business model. He continued, stating that everyone seemed “passionate about customer service.”
  • On fitting process – A reviewer in Buford was highly complimentary of the personalized fitting process. His Arch Support Specialist detailed the process from beginning to end. But, most importantly, the staffer displayed a “vibrant personality” and that he “genuinely cares.”
  • On no-obligation commitment – One reviewer shared how “friendly, patient, and very respectful” the service was. In Tampa, the customer felt no pressure from the sales representative. Rather than being forced into a purchase, the reviewer appreciated feeling that the only concern was “in making sure I had the correct fitting product instead of pushing for a quick sale.”
  • On finding comfort – In a lengthy post on the company’s website, an Arlington reviewer was overjoyed at finally finding relief. Before The Good Feet Store, the customer faced difficulty even walking properly. Now, as a repeat customer, the reviewer feels “significant relief from knee pain,” largely due to the “inviting experience.”

An arch support fitting is a great place to start

Arch supports are for everyone. You don’t have to be in extreme pain to enjoy increased comfort and support. In fact, arch support inserts can be preventative. Even the tiniest misalignment can trigger issues throughout the entire body. It’s time to invest in your overall health.

If you are new to arch supports, The Good Feet Store is an excellent place to start versus buying numerous products online to try and then probably return. Follow the advice of the secret shopper and all the other satisfied The Good Feet Store reviews. Treat yourself to personalized, industry-leading service in a low-stress, welcoming environment. But don’t just take the secret shopper’s word for it. See for yourself at one of The Good Feet Store’s retail stores today.