A Quiz Will Tell You How Much of a Perfectionist You Are

Are you one of those people called perfectionists who want even the smallest detail to be perfect?

Being one is not easy. I’m not one of you, but when we can join forces when it comes to food or planning road trips.

I want everything to go smooth and in the right order. The slightest excess could freak me out and ruin my moment.

A perfectionist won’t accept anything if it’s not perfect down to the most insignificant detail. The whole process includes no mistakes, never being late, proper procedures and more.

Errors are out of the question because it will make them mad.

Every kind is different. It’s like they are living in their world with various personalities.

Many become depressed or anxious when they can’t finish up the work and get the desired results. They go hard for themselves when something is not right.

Psychologists say that perfectionism is an obsession. There are different versions of them, and everyone should know how much of a perfectionist he/she is.

For that occasion, I have a quiz that could help you discover the level of a perfectionist in you.

Here is my perfectionist result:


Now, it’s your turn.


What’s your score?

I hope this quiz told you how much of a perfectionist you are.

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David Wolfe
Personal Excellence

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