A QUICK REVIEW OF – An Inclusive Content Sharing Platform

The internet is littered with a myriad of content with little effort to separate substandard from excellent content. Only a few platforms offer a database of quality articles and allow new creators to market their content, is one!

What is is a new inclusive content aggregation website that collects contents from different sources on a wide range of topics that are collated into one platform for BlogsBunny users to access quickly. These contents vary from images to articles, text posts, and URLs.


The following are only a few features of BlogsBunny and how it works to stay true to the commitment in giving content creators, writers, and users a safe place to share posts and articles while simultaneously ensuring other users and readers get only the best content.


BlogsBunny enables bloggers and content creators to share content without fear of being persecuted for spamming or promoting their own content. It also gives them the platform for exposure and to build their target audience base. Essentially it provides readers with seamless access to quality posts and articles.

You do not have to own a blog to share content on BlogsBunny as you are welcome to share any blog content after which you are good to go.  As a new user, your posts will be subject to analysis before going live on the site, and subsequent posts will be shared on the site immediately after submission.

You may also share posts from BlogsBunny to other social media platforms and outlets like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Content Algorithm Ranking Parameters

To ensure that users are not overwhelmed with inferior articles and false news, BlogsBunny uses its innovative algorithm to give quality content high ranking while pushing down the poorly written articles. It uses the following parameters to evaluate content for ranking:

  • Readability
  • Heat metric (positive and negative votes)
  • Grammatical and Spelling Errors
  • The uniqueness of content ( available only to VIP Users)
  • Domain/Site Reputation

Being committed to quality and transparency, BlogsBunny shows the overall score on each article and the break-down scores related to these parameters. Learn more about this in this video.

Access to a Plethora of Content

With BlogsBunny, you are likely to get lost in the myriad of top-quality content available for your consumption.  A good thing, though! Inspired by bunnies and their lifestyle, Contents are categorized into warrens, which signify various topics and niches like lifestyle, world news, food, technology, computers, and a host of others.  The warrens are divided into “burrows,” which are further subdivided into “rabbit holes.”

For example, the ‘warren’ food/Recipes may be subdivided into the ‘burrows’ diet, baking, keto, paleo etc and further divided into individual posts and content (rabbit holes).

Once you are signed up, you have the option to follow and explore any warren of your choice. You are also at liberty to post links, text, and images to the warrens you have subscribed to on the condition that the content relates to these warrens alone.

After subscribing to your desired warren(s), your feed will become personalized. Still, you can always leave your “rabbit hole” to go somewhere different, like browse through other warrens or explore the general feed.

And that’s that for now. You can also download BlogsBunny App from your Smartphone’s Appstore. To get started on this innovative platform, go on, and register on website. Oh, remember to share your experience with us when you do. Enjoy.

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