A Potato Diet: Is It a Dangerous Vow To Make?

Before I show you what this diet holds, I need to tell you that variety is the key to achieving any goal connected with food.

You need various foods to get all the needed nutrients for a healthy life.

Now, meet Andrew Flinders Taylor. He is a 36-year-old “wannabe sportsman” who is not very satisfied by his fitness.

This is called the SpudFit project. He vowed to eat only potatoes for 365 days. Yep. That’s right. Only potatoes and a little bit of seasoning with them. For the whole 2016!


According to him, he is determined to change the way he thinks about food. He doesn’t want to let it control his life. The food is fuel, that’s it.

He told this for

The best thing for this challenge is that Andrew is sharing his vow with all of his followers. He posts series of pictures and videos on Facebook and YouTube.

His first video was him telling the world he is not satisfied with the way he looks and with his weight.

So, he decides to pick one food and stick with it for a year.

Andrew declared 2016 as the year of the spud. He wants to show the world that potatoes are a healthy food once and for all. All of his calories will come from potatoes.

He doesn’t prepare his food with oil and won’t monitor his calorie intake. He will eat as much as he needs to satisfy his appetite.

In the first couple of weeks, Mr. Taylor already lost 10 pounds.


Is there any danger in this?

Here come the experts.

According to Dr. Joanna McMillan, Andrew’s diet will have an adverse impact on his health. There is no food on this planet that will give you all of the nutrients your body needs to function and support your body.

He is getting a huge amount of carbohydrates, but not proteins or fat. The first couple of weeks he doesn’t feel the need, but later on, he will fall short on zinc, iron, iodine, calcium, omega 3 fats, antioxidants, and few other vitamins.

This is where the danger comes. Without these nutrients, the body could become vulnerable to many diseases.


Andrew has answered this concern by saying that he is not seeing any potential risk. In fact, he is even getting the support from his doctor who is monitoring his healthy during this diet.

He remains positive and determined to finish this journey. He is driven and motivated by the desire to change the way he feels and sees food.

Andrew finished by saying that he is doing this as an experiment for him. He is not trying to promote this or make someone join him on the journey.

I want to hear you and what you have to say about to this.


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