A Perfect Combination Of Pinot Noir Wines To Your Chicken Marsala Dish

It’s human nature for every one of us that everything needs to look perfect. Starting with the dress we wear every day, the make-up we put on our face, the things that we do within the day, and people we go with should match our personality. As an esteemed individual, we plan things or follow a routine daily so we can identify what direction we need to go.

As the cliche goes, “People who love to eat are the best people.” Yes, food is something we look forward because it’s the best thing that helps us survive. The same perfection we are doing with what’s mentioned above, we also make sure that the food we eat will fill in our starving tummy entirely and at the same time, we pair them with the right glass of wine to fully satisfy our palate.

In our everyday living, we tend to look for ways of making our food preparation unique. We even explore things and flavors when it comes to producing excellent dishes not only to impress ourselves but most especially impress those people who mean a lot to us. Take note it is always true that a way to a man or a woman’s heart is through his or her stomach. It is the main reason why a lot of people or almost each one of us put a lot of effort when it comes to food and wine pairing preparation.

In line with successful food and wine pairing, we introduce you the newest dish that could ultimately leave every spectator in awe. It is turning your primary chicken ingredient to an awesome chicken marsala recipe paired with a glass of Pinot Noir wine. Most fine dining restaurants or even people who prepare this kind of dish would say that both this food and wine can blend each other impressively.

Chicken Marsala is an American-Italian dish which is produced from small chicken cuts purely breast part, added with other elements like mushrooms, shallots, minced garlic, and shots of Marsala wine. When serving this dish, it comes with pasta to make it more prominent and exciting to taste. The chicken marsala deems as one of the oldest dishes served by Eglish families to impress their family members, relatives, and guests if there’s a grand event celebration.

To prepare this meal, you have to get chicken cutlets. After that, you coat it with flour and saute for a while. When you see a little bit of brown color in the chicken cutlets, removed it from the pan separate from the sauce. The sauce should remain in the frying pan which should serve as the Marsala sauce.

Besides, the Marsala sauce comes by adding the wine into the pan and making sure that the texture looks to a nearly syrup-like. It is where garlic, shallots, onions, herbs, and mushrooms are added and sauteed so they can blend. Once cooked, the sauce is poured to the chicken to serve it ultimately.

On the other hand, your chicken marsala dish won’t catch any attention if you do not pair it with an excellent glass of wine. According to most wine experts, Pinot Noir wine goes perfectly with chicken marsala, and no other wine label can do the same job as Pinot Noir does.

Talking about Pinot Noir, it is a popular red wine variety created prominently from Pinot Noir grapes mostly seen on wine merchants like These wines are mostly grown from all parts of the world, especially from the regions where winery production deems the largest. It is also one of the grape varietals which may use to produce substantial wine labels like Champagne, Sparkling wines, and most especially vintage wine labels.

When you look into a Pinot Noir paired with a chicken marsala dish, you found a mixture of a perfectly mouthfeel blend of an excellent meal accompanied by an exquisite taste of wine. The velvety and creamy taste of Pinot Noir flavor combines with the chicken marsala dish and the sauce elegantly that you can feel a delightful taste inside your palate. This wine and food pairing options can ultimately satisfy your appetite by all means.

Moreover, it is said that popping a bottle of Pinot Noir gives you a slap of fragrance in your nose, which you can sense directly the taste of wet earth and spicy berries added to it.  The aroma of this wine matches directly to the kind of drink you want to pair for your coveted chicken marsala dish.

Hence, if you want to experience a perfect blend of wine and food pairing, always pick a Pinot Noir wine label to pair with a chicken marsala dish. The saucy and spicy flavor of the dish mix prominently with the said wine label and no other wine brands can do the same job as Pinot Noir can perform. It’s truly one of those fantastic wine and food pairings you can serve any time, place, season, and occasion.

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