A New Mom’s Guide to Keeping Baby Safe

When you have a new baby, your life as you once knew it suddenly changes. Now, your main responsibility is looking after the little person you have brought into the world. If you’re a first-time mom, you may be fretting over how to keep your baby safe from some of the most common dangers that could go on to affect their health and wellbeing. These dangers can be difficult to recognize, after all – you may never have had the experience of looking after another human being before.

While you’re likely to receive first-hand advice from your assigned healthcare worker in the weeks after birth, this guide will offer some extra pointers on how to keep your baby safe from the most lethal dangers:

Many new moms make the mistake of sleeping with their baby at night in fear of being away from them. However, this is even more dangerous than placing them in their own crib. There is a significantly high risk that you will roll onto your baby in your sleep and cause suffocation. To ensure you can see and hear your baby during the night, place the crib next to your bed and remove any pillows or blankets that may block their airways.

  • The sun

Our bodies sweat as a natural way of keeping cool in hot temperatures. Unlike adults, babies don’t sweat heavily, and this can cause them to suffer from heatstroke. You should never leave your baby in the sun for any amount of time, but instead, find shade where possible. Aim to keep your baby hydrated with water or milk and apply a high-factor sunscreen to their delicate skin.

  • Cars

It’s important to buy a car seat that fits the interior of your car and keeps your baby safe at all times. Without carrying out research, it is difficult to know which car seat to choose and how much to spend. As such, if you need some guidance on car seats, it would be worth browsing CPST Picks: The 7 Best and Safest Infant Car Seats of 2020.

Be aware that you should never leave your baby alone in the car for any length of time. Cars can heat up very quickly, and a baby’s temperature can rise up to five times higher than an adult’s. If this is overlooked, it could result in tragedy.

  •  Falls

Falls are one of the most common causes of death in newborn babies, which is a worrying concept since they can’t even walk at this age. Parents very often forget they have left a carrier somewhere, and that the carrier can fall from a height, leading to severe injury or death. Always ensure that babies are placed in carriers on low, solid ground and are securely strapped in.

  •  Medication

Babies can suffer an accidental overdose when given too much medication for an illness. To be on the safe side, never give your baby any form of medication unless it has been prescribed by a healthcare professional.


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