A Mattress Made to Last

Finding a solid mattress that supports your body correctly, and gives you a decent night’s sleep is not always easy to do. Here are some things to think about when mattress shopping.

When To Replace Your Mattress

Although a warranty is a good thing in most cases, a long mattress warranty might not be honored if the fine print is not examined thoroughly. For instance, some warranties state that the mattress must be used with a matching box spring or other foundation from the same manufacturer, or that a mattress cover must always be used to prevent any stains, no matter how small. The warranty being up is one way to determine when to replace your mattress, but there are better ways. If you have noticed you are waking up with back, hip, neck, or other pain, there is a good chance it is time to change your mattress. If you sleep better on other mattresses, like at a hotel or at a friend’s house, or if you can feel actual lumps in your mattress, then it’s definitely time to get a new mattress. 

Other ways to determine if there is a problem with your mattress? There are some easy ways to tell. If you can hear springs creaking, or even worse, if you are being poked by stray wires or springs, it’s time to make a change. Saggy, too soft, too hard, or mattresses that are keeping you awake are clearly ready to be replaced. Though it is cheaper to pick up a second-hand mattress, you will be amazed at what buying a mattress that you purchase based upon your personal likes and dislikes will do for your sleep and your health.

When To Shop Online 

If you are really lost regarding what kind of mattress is to your liking, you will likely want to lay down on a few and see how they feel. For this reason, shopping in a traditional store is probably for you. Shopping at a brick-and-mortar store will offer you a wide selection to sample. One key trick for mattress shopping is to never pay full retail. It is almost always wise to shop sale prices for mattresses, and negotiating with the salesperson is not unheard of. One nice bonus of buying from a local mattress store is that they often remove your old mattress for no additional cost to you. 

Try not to rush into buying a mattress. Take a whole weekend to make a decision if you can. If you are laying down on mattresses to decide, lay down for at least ten minutes or more to get an accurate feel for the one you need. If you feel any weird pressure areas, or have any muscle cramps or pain afterward, then clearly that is not the mattress for you. 

If you are feeling confident in shopping without sampling the wares first, try out one of many online mattress retailers, such as Big Fig Mattress. If you have trouble decision-making, this is also the right way to shop, because there aren’t as many options to choose from, and most online companies have essentially narrowed down your choices for you. The fact that online mattress stores often offer free shipping will ship to you within a day or two, and usually include a money-back guarantee are all good reasons to go with an online store. 

Brick and mortar stores have markups associated with overhead that aren’t usually included with online prices. You will likely have to get rid of your old mattress, and also set it up yourself.  

Things To Think About

When choosing a new mattress, begin with thinking about how you sleep. Back sleepers probably won’t get enough back support from a soft mattress, and require the support of a firmer style. If you sleep on your side, a softer mattress will allow cushioning of your shoulders and hips, which is important for side-sleepers. Memory foam is a good choice for many who sleep on their side. If you are a stomach sleeper, a firmer mattress is more likely to provide you the support you need to wake up without aches and pains.