A Man is Living His Dream In a House He Built for $9000

We all had the same dream ever since we were little. To get married. To have kids. To live in your dream house.

Sometimes life doesn’t want to listen to your plans, but if you work hard to achieve them, there is nothing that can stop you.

How do I know? – Well, I can be your first example of that.

The second example is this man right here. He wanted to live in a house of his dreams that took all the time he needed to build it.

Yes. He built it!

For this awesome project, he needed his energy, the goal in front of him all the time, $9000 and 6 weeks.

People can do wonders when they want to achieve something so bad.

This is Steve Areen. He wanted his own place where he could feel happy. He needed a small place in Thailand to make his life better.

He was offered a little land on a friend’s mango farm to build his own home. What are friends for?

His idea was to make something cute and simple. That’s how he came up with this simple, sustainable, and inviting home.

It looks like one of those Flintstones’ houses. The colors are perfect and I would love to hire Steve to make something like this for my family and me.

Who is with me?

Check it out:









1-0 for Steve. He made me feel warm even though I haven’t seen this home from up close.

How does your dream home look alike?

Share this with your friends. Maybe you will agree to build a neighborhood of houses like this.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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