A Make-Up Artist Paints the Scariest Halloween Masks on her Face

I can’t even look at her.

Damn it. She is so … scary and real.

This goes for all of my closest friends. If you still want to see me alive and moving, please don’t show yourself in front of me like this.

I will freak out. There is a chance that I’m going to stop breathing for a moment.

Keep in mind that I’m freaked out by seeing these pictures of the makeup artist from a safe distance.

The woman you are going to see on the pictures is Nikki Shelley. She is one of the most talented makeup artists I’ve ever seen.

Her creations are unbelievable and frightening. She is a mom and very skillful. Her skills go far to another dimension making some of the creations look like a 3D illusion.

She decided to treat her friends on the social media with something different for the upcoming Halloween.

Don’t do this at home if you have little kids running around.

See for yourself:

.kid wearing scary mask at Halloween party

 painted skull face

Blood lust

Death girl with skull makeup stretching hands toward camera

Female sugar skull makeup. Face painting art.

Spooky portrait of woman in halloween gotic makeup holding lillipops

Santa Muerte day of the dead character Portrait of a woman with sugar skull makeup Halloween make-up Portrait of Calavera Catrina


Scary Halloween Bride with Concept Scary Makeup

Young woman is playing a role of evil clown

Does this give you an idea for Halloween 2016?


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