A Guide To Sell On Amazon By Shopify

Did you know that currently there are over 300 million Amazon customers? It has been reported that more than 51% of Amazon sellers are able to generate revenues of over $100,000 per year. This is why if you sell on Amazon it means you have millions of potential customers that can make your sales go sky high and your business will grow like never before!

But where do you start? You already have a Shopify store and you now want to sell on Amazon because you want to expand your reach to new customers. The good news is that you can sell your products on Amazon because of Shopify’s integration with Amazon. There are many benefits to doing this. You can easily sell through your Shopify store in a marketplace where more people are search for products. Research has found that customers are twice as likely to search for products on Amazon rather than Google.

What You Can Sell On Amazon

You cannot just start to sell on Amazon because not all of the product categories are available currently with this integration. You can start slow by selling some products so that you are able to comprehend how the integration works. Remember that when you are a seller on Amazon, you are the one who owns what you sell up to the point the customer receives the product. As a seller, you can choose between Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Merchant options. You can choose to be a vendor whereby you sell to Amazon using Vendor Express and Vendor Central.

Competition And The Buy Box

You are required to analyze your competitors because you want to be sure about your chances of doing well. You can take a look at the customer reviews and how frequently your competitors update details of their products. The product detail page is where the buy box is and it is the default seller that is displayed. There are other sellers listed but the buy box is what is most important because it is the default option. The problem is that winning the buy box is not an easy task. It mainly depends on the price although other factors such as quantity, prime eligibility and seller rating also play a significant role.

Sell on Amazon: The default seller given on the buy box is an important component.

Optimizing Product Listing

When you sell on Amazon, ensure that you choose the right keywords so that people looking for your products are able to find them. You must have up to 3 months of inventory because it affects even the best of the brands when their products go out of stock. Also, make sure you get the pricing right. Promotions are effective as they increase your products’ visibility to more customers. Don’t forget to take a look at the detail pages and make changes there too. Encouraging people to leave reviews is crucial because most users decide from reviews.

Product Ads Make A Difference

You can market and run ads for your products on Amazon. The Pay Per Click model by Amazon is called the Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. This enables you to showcase your products in the search results. Display location of the sponsored products depends on how the customer is navigating through the website. You can also focus on putting out promotions and try to drive external traffic to your product listings on Amazon. The Amazon Influencer and Amazon Associates are two programs that can benefit your brand greatly.

This is where the sponsored products are placed on mobile.

You must constantly check all feedback and respond to customer inquiries. Make sure you represent the product correctly and that product descriptions are accurate. This will help build customer loyalty and increase your brand value. You should understand Amazon’s service terms thoroughly to ensure you are acting as per Amazon’s expectations.

Selling on Amazon may seem intimidating initially but given the potential it has, it is definitely worth a try. Regardless of how low you presume your chances on Amazon are, you must try out Shopify’s integration with Amazon. Selling on two sales channels is always a great option and when you have two powerful marketplaces such as Shopify and Amazon, there is no reason to turn away from it. Start to sell on Amazon through Shopify and experience the change. You can create new opportunities for your brand and begin to successfully sell products on Amazon through Shopify.

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