A Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Trip Abroad

If you’re ever asked to be a maid of honor for one of your best friends, you’re going to need to think about organizing a bachelorette party. It is a tradition for soon to be brides and their BFFs to enjoy a night of revelry that often involves a night on the town. Modern misses are now looking for something a little less ‘traditional,’ and many are choosing trips abroad. Organizing a night on the town is really rather easy compared to organizing a week or two away with the girls. To help anyone who finds themselves in this situation, here are some tips.

Plan Well in Advance

This important first tip applies whether you are planning a family get together, a weekend away or a bachelorette event for the bride to be and her mates. Get in touch with everyone and find out their preferences. Do they want to laze around on the beach for a week and be waited on at a top-class hotel? Or would they rather stay in a luxury villa, for example, with its own private pool? The possibilities are endless, but it’s important you all agree. You’ll also need to discuss dates because many will have other responsibilities to consider.

Think About the Budget

This is important, especially if you’re planning to spend time abroad. Think about all the ladies that are being invited and make sure your plans will fit all budgets. You should also consider how things will be paid for. Are you all going to club together and put money in a pot? If this is the case, hand over responsibility for the money to another reliable person.

If anyone is taking out credit to pay for this trip, they’ll need to make sure their credit history is in good shape. Visit if there’s something in your history that’s not quite correct. 

Pick the Right Accommodation

This is very important as it could potentially make or break the celebration. Talk to the others and come up with something that will suit everyone. What do you all expect from the trip? Is it going to be a week of late nights and vibrant nightlife in a city, for example? Or would you all prefer to stay in a luxury villa in a popular Spanish resort? It will be best if you make the booking as a group, as it may mean you can save some money. When it comes to booking a flight, you’ll be more likely to get seats together if you make one booking.

Tips for When You’re Away

Going away for a bachelorette celebration is all about giving the bride a great time before she ties the knot. There are going to be high notes and low ones too, so try to be prepared for all of them. A good way for you all to keep in touch that won’t cost much is creating a social media group.

You’re going to want to organize some special outings but don’t be tempted to try to pack too much in. A good guideline is to plan one outing a day for the group and something to do in the evening. This will allow time for individuals to wander around, relax, and simply explore the area without any kind of agenda. If you want to, you can plan some bachelorette party games.

What Not to Do

As well as giving you advice on the best way to do things, how about looking at some of the mistakes you should avoid.

  • Don’t invite too many people – ten people is a workable number, any more and the logistics are going to get complicated.
  • Don’t leave arrangements till the last minute – you’re going to get much better deals if you book well in advance. It will also reduce the chance of disappointment. You could be eligible for group discounts, so make sure you ask.
  • Don’t leave too much to chance – try to organize at least one activity during the day and make plans for the evening entertainment.
  • Expect too much of others – you might know what is expected because you made the arrangements but don’t expect others to know if you don’t keep them informed. Is there a dress code, for example?
  • Don’t leave the organizing to the bride – she’s got enough to think about. Having to organize her own bachelorette party is not the done thing. It will only add to the stress she’s already under.

If you follow these tips, your bachelorette trip will be a success. Everyone will have a good time, and there should be no drama. This is your chance to show the bride how important she is to you and that you wish her all the best for the future.

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