A Guide for Planning a BBQ during the Fall Months

Fall is a great time if you love cooking outside, but it has its challenges. Cooler weather means using different types of wood, cooking slower, and throwing in some new ingredients if you want something flavorful. The leaves are changing and that makes them a natural addition to your meal. You can throw them straight into the smoker or use them as wrapping for meat, fish, and poultry (see the recipe below for more details).

Fall brings us lots of great vegetables like squash, pumpkin, leafy greens, root vegetables, and Brussels sprouts. Don’t worry if it’s still hot in your area; you can make most fall recipes with summer produce and just roast and smoke in higher temperatures than normal. Here are some delicious fall recipes you should try.

– Spiced Pumpkin in Cider: This is a fantastic side dish that is sure to impress guests. You can use any kind of apple cider in place of the cranberry relish in the relish recipe.

– Roast Chicken With Cranberries: If you are looking for a different type of fall food, try this. It is simple but delicious. The chicken becomes even more flavorful when you add some sherry or other wine to it at the end.

– Mushroom Meatballs in Beer Sauce: These mushroom meatballs will make your weeknight meal special if dinner happens to be a little late. They are also great as a party appetizer and as a side dish with chicken or lamb chops or beef short ribs.

– Leafy Greens With Cider Vinaigrette: This is a very healthy and delicious side dish perfect for fall. It goes well with almost any meat or fish.

– Spiced Squash With Pears: You can make this recipe with pumpkin or any other kind of squash. It’s a nice and light fall dish and the spices give it a rich and complex flavor.

– Smoked Salmon Wrapped in Leafy Greens: If you like smoked salmon, this recipe might be your new favorite way to eat it. The greens add a savory dimension to the sweetness of the salmon that tastes amazing when paired with crackers or bread.

– Brussels Sprouts with Browned Butter: Brussels sprouts are in season in the fall, and they take on delicious flavors when you brown them in butter. These are perfect for when you want something comforting, but not heavy.

– Curried Poblano Chicken With Clementine Salsa: This is a quick and easy dish for the grill. The chicken cooks quickly, which is great because it will be much juicier than if you grilled it indoors. The sauce allows the poblano to take center stage without overpowering anything else.

With so many options, the fall season makes for a good time to get your grilling tools out and plan some great meals for your family.

Fall is just around the corner and those of us who love to cook will enjoy it a lot. You can put this knowledge to use when making your next steak recipe. If you don’t have a barbeque, you can visit and find the best fit for you. Happy grilling!