A Guide for Newly Single Mothers

Being a single mom is difficult, no matter your situation. If you are in a position where you are a newly single mom, it can be daunting and challenging to adapt to this new territory. Going from a solid co-parenting unit to just one adult in the household is often scary; you have so much responsibility! Fear not, mama bee, for we have just the solution. Detailed below is a helpful guide for newly single moms. Grab a coffee and a moment alone from the kids – if that is even possible! – and read on for more.

First things first…

The best thing to regularly remind yourself is that you are not on your own. This can be hard to accept at first, mainly if you are worried about your mother’s pride. There are 14,000 households in the United States made up of single moms, and we are confident you will find your tribe to support you! Furthermore, there are several services available to help you and your family adjust to life as a single mom. We are confident that you also have a vast support network of family and friends around you, all willing to do what they can to make things easier for you and put you at ease. You are not alone, and you will do amazingly well to get through this challenging period of your life.

Child Custody

This should be at the top of any single mom’s agenda, and something which should be resolved sooner rather than later while ensuring that there is minimal disruption to anyone’s lives, particularly your children. It is an often-challenging process, especially if you are going through a hostile divorce where both parties want to be involved in the co-parenting and raising of your children. Child custody is not an easy process, no matter the circumstances, and it is advised for some in these situations that you seek the services from a child custody lawyer in Houston. Fullenweider Wilhite is an example of an exceptional family lawyer firm in the United States, with some of the best child custody lawyers in Houston. This is undoubtedly something that will take some time and resources but is required when wanting the best for your children. 

Do Not Compare Your Efforts to Others

While this can be difficult, it is something that you should remind yourself to do often. Just because you are a single mom does not mean that your children are disadvantaged in any way. While many perceive the two-parent household to be the best environment for a child, this is merely hearsay and down to opinion. Experts have found that a child’s development is not a result of having more than one parent’s influence in their lives, but more due to the environment they are raised in. Naturally, a hostile environment is sure to be one that a child will not be safe in. In comparison, a calm and nurturing environment is one that will have the best results. By simply ensuring that there is no hostility around your child and keeping the animosity between yourself and your spouse away from the family home, you are guaranteeing that your child grows to be a happy and loved one.

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