A Complete 4 Week Plan to Transform Your Body in 2017

If getting strong, fit, and healthy is your goal for 2017, you need to check out this 4-week plan to transform your body.

You need to commit to it. According to the inventor, you need 28 days and 10 minutes every day to notice the amazing results.

The schedule is not hard. You are familiar with all of these exercises. You just need to increase the tempo and increase the effort.

Before I show you the exercises, I need to say one thing. Don’t expect this workout work out if you don’t commit to it. Lots of people start something only with their minds.

They are out there sharing how they exercise every day and eat healthily. However, the reality is different, and when it comes to results, they say that the workout was wrong and a bunch of gibberish that comes along.

Now, let’s change the way we eat and exercise in 2017. That’s how you stay committed to this 4-week plan to transform your body.

Let’s get familiar with the exercises first.


Push Ups

Toning Your Thigh and Bottom Muscles


Ab Exercises

Abs and Buttocks


If you need extra help with these activities, shoot me an email.

Now, the 4-week plan:

Week 1

  • 2 Minutes Plank
  • 1 Minute Push-Ups
  • 1 Minute Abs and Thighs
  • 1 Minute Abs
  • 1 Minute Abs and Buttocks
  • 1 Minute Waist
  • 2 Minutes’ Plank

*Note: Have a 10-seconds break between the exercises

You need to do this plan for six days.

Week 2:

Mix the following sets for six days:

Set 1:

  • 3 Minutes Plank
  • 3 Minutes Abs
  • 3 Minutes Thighs and Buttocks

*Note: Have a 15-second break between the exercises

Set 2:

  • 3 Minutes Waist
  • 3 Minutes Push-ups
  • 3 Minutes Abs and Buttocks

*Note: Have a 15-second break between the exercises

Week 3: Repeat the Week 1 Set

Week 4: Repeat the Week 2 Sets

Make sure you do everything correctly. The results will be knocking on the door as soon as possible.

The bonus here is that you are going to develop a habit of exercising. You won’t stop doing the ten-minute set of activities every day.

Will you commit?

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6 thoughts on “A Complete 4 Week Plan to Transform Your Body in 2017”

    • Hi Kia, thanks for the comment.

      I know weaker legs could mean a problem when you want to do some of these exercises. However, it shouldn’t be a barrier for you. All of these exercises here are BEST at what they do and will make you achieve amazing results.

      I would like to see you trying to do them, but with low to moderate tempo. Try it slowly and make your legs stronger day-by-day. Enrich your diet with magnesium and vitamin rich foods. Don’t forget to jog once in a while to loosen up your legs. Increase the tempo as you are feeling better.

      It’s a process, and I want you to push yourself more and widen up those limitations you face right now.

      I hope this works for you!
      Take care.

  1. I have built up my legs doing some of these exercises prior to ready yoir post, however my waist is still kinda thick. It’s the food I think that’s holding up my waist line and suggestion?

  2. I am not familiar with doing push ups. Is there an amount that you have to do or just do the best that you can in the set time frame until arms are strong enough to do them?

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