9 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For 2019

Long gone are the days of gifting fluffy jammies and perfume sets for Christmas. This is especially the case if you have kids; you need to understand that their whole year has been building up to the moment of opening their Christmas gifts. So, you need to deliver! Each year, a single item creates some sort of enthusiasm and has folks frantically clearing it out of stock. Throughout the past decades, we have seen people going crazy over bespoke espresso machines, hatching animals, and Bluetooth everything. So, you could follow the crowd and get what everyone else is getting this year (it is certainly wireless Bluetooth earbuds in case you are wondering), or you can get creative and check the list below for 9 unique Christmas gift ideas.

1. Flying Drone

Both kids and adults go equally crazy for this cool gizmo. It is incredibly enjoyable to fly and use to capture panoramic photos with the built-in camera feature. 

If you are looking to buy a high-quality one, it will cost you a lot. However, deals at are very tempting with a huge selection of brands to choose from. Your aspiring photographer girlfriend will also enjoy this gift to take unmatched landscape images. A small tip though, check your city’s law, regulations regarding flying drones before you make the purchase.

2. Car Diagnostic Scanner

Think of the pointless calls you make to your husband, trying to explain a problem you are facing with your car. You no longer need to do that! With this mini scanning tool, you will know exactly what is wrong with your car. You simply plug in the analyzing tool to your diagnostics port, and all the data will be shown on a free downloadable app on your smartphone. This tool will tell you what the problem is exactly and recommend the needed action. It might even ask you to turn off the engine in dangerous cases.

3. Diamond Art Kit

This fun new coloring technique has fans of all ages. It is a great family activity that everyone is sure to enjoy. With the sparkly colorful diamonds, the end result is a piece of art that deserves to be hung on the wall. 

4. Meal Delivery Subscription

For the friend who is always complaining about eating junk because they do not have the time to cook, meal delivery is the perfect gift! Find a great local meal delivery service with encouraging reviews, and according to your budget, gift them a few months of delicious food delivered right to their doorstep.

5. Fitness Tracker

For some reason, this device is underrated. It is actually a great motivator for people to work out. It shows your intake of calories vs. what you burn throughout the day, helping you keep track of your health and fitness. Besides, there is a certain rush that comes from hitting your daily exercise goal!

6. Meditation Application Subscription

Due to our fast-paced life, everyone is realizing the need to slow down for a moment to take a deep breath and attempt to clear their minds. Even though lots of people are interested enough to give meditation a chance, they do not know where or how to start. There are many free meditation applications available; however, the best ones always need paid subscriptions. It would be a great gesture to get your tightly wound coworker the gift of relaxation and peacefulness in 2019/ 2020.

7. Personalized Jewelry

Although a classic, this is the gift that is always welcome and never gets old. Instead of picking up a random piece, go the extra mile, and add your personal touch to the gold ring you selected. Add engraved initials or meaningful dates for the perfect memorable gift.

8. A Selection of Green Items

Do your part towards the environment and help your friends reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Get creative and curate a selection of the most common plastic items used by everyone daily. You can prepare a set of glass water bottles, reusable coffee mugs, and some metal straws. This will resonate greatly with your environmentally conscious group of friends and Mother Nature will thank you for it.

9. Beauty Products Fridge

Granted, this might be a little out there! However, for your beauty-obsessed friends, this will be a godsend. Apparently, some beauty products and skincare drugs work better when refrigerated. Keeping moisturizers and face serums in a special fridge placed on the vanity makes for a better place than the door bins of the fridge. It also avoids awkward incidents of grabbing a lip balm tub for a midnight snack!

There are tons of different ideas out there if you want to get unique gifts this Christmas. Just put some thought into it, and you’ll get it right.

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