9 Tips to Teach Essay Writing to Your Children

One of the many challenges parents face when it comes to the lives of their children is awakening their desire to learn, reconnoiter, discover, and express. Hence, the majority leave the education bit to teachers and technology. However, that is not the right solution. As a parent, you need to intervene. You need to be the first teacher of your child(ren). Children progress through different academic levels. And writing is a necessity that comes along with it. A lot of it. “College and university live always come with many responsibilities and tasks. And, academic writing is one of the primary ones,” said Joel Donnelly, head of academic writers at Essay Kitchen. Your child or children will have to write as many articles as possible before they graduate. These include; term papers, research papers, essays, and dissertations among others.

The first academic writing task they have to handle is essay writing. An instructor or professor assigns them an essay with broad instructions and guidelines. And, each of them has to deliver their assignments within the set deadlines. Many kids end up with frustrations to this point. This is because the majority were writing short articles before and essay writing is a different thing. So, how can you help them produce good papers? Experts from recommend you consider the tips below on how to teach kids to write an essay.

Begin with the basics

The first step to teach essay writing to children is ensuring they have a basic comprehension of grammar and spelling concepts. These are essential for their grades and essay writing necessities. If they lack these concepts, it will be easy for them to get into confusion they strive to learn the complex writing skills. Hence, frustration will consume them and you as well.

After you ensure they understand the basics, introduce them to the thesis concept. Many children experience difficulties in directing their papers and ensuring they focus on the topic. To help them improve on this, provide them with thesis statements or prompts. After advancing their writing skills, it will be easy for them to come up with thesis statements. The thesis is the central part around which the essay focuses on. So, ensure you explain to them that the whole paper ought to associate with the thesis statement.


As parent trying to figure out how to help with kids with writing, you need to ask yourself, “Is it ideal to let them learn how to write in a natural way or they obtain good results if they have instructions?” Answering this will help you find an ideal solution to you challenges. For a child to develop and nurture their writing skills, they need to practice more of it. And as a parent, you need to motivate them to write on a frequent basis.

Writing practices often do not happen in the classroom. Instructors may give them brief exercises to work on and use the classrooms for lessons. So, you are in charge of this part of your child’s academic life. For them to write great papers, they need to have a source of motivation which you can give them.

Look for examples

An essay often consists of an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Instructors often tell children what each essay part constitutes when giving assignments. But, at times, they forget to give examples. Hence, students have no idea how to go about their tasks.

So it is upon you to look for essay examples for kids they can use to manage their assignments. Visit the websites of the various essay writing services and look for the samples and guidelines of the different types of articles. Give them to our children to read, and help them visualize what an ideal paper looks like.

Organize resources using Pinterest

Pinterest is a fun tool you can use to create visual content you find on the web. Many parents often use it to collect parenting tips and home décor ideas among other things. And now, you can use it for teaching kids to write.

Essay writing is a process which embarks on good research. And, before your child can write an essay on any topic, they ought to learn something about it. They cannot memorize all the information they read online. Additionally, they will need to save the resources so that they can use them as reference points. Hence, that is why Pinterest is a good tool to utilize at this stage. Pin any essential information in the relevant board when conducting research.


Cohesion is a fundamental necessity when it comes to essay writing. Children need to structure and organize their essays to produce a perfect article. A convenient and efficient writing help for kids at this point is teaching them how to brainstorm and plan.

An effective online brainstorming tool you can use is MindMeister. This tool will help your children find connections and relationships between the arguments and paragraphs in the paper. When they are able to get the main ideas through brainstorming, they can now start planning. And an efficient tool to use is Essay Map. This tool will help them find the ideas in a good essay structure. Your children will have to draft a few sentences on each section of the article. Then, they will get a map which will help them connect the dots hence write the actual paper.

Do not pressure your kids

A child does not have the same mind as an adult. Hence, they cannot take in too much information. Professional writers at resume that works are sure that pushing children too much when it comes to teaching them how to write only makes it easy for them to forget things. Additionally, they may lose interest in wanting to learn how to write an essay for kids. Thus, you need to ensure you do not push them too much. Do not instill too much pressure on them. Essay writing is a process which incorporates many stages. Your children will have to go through all of the before they come to develop expertise in the art.

Allow them to use the tablet

Most of the things in the modern era operate in a technological manner. Children have phones and tablets at a tender age. And while many may them as tools for fun, you need to let them know that they can use them for educational purposes. As a parent, you should not ban them from using tablets. Instead, inspire them to write using these tools. Install Byword, an editor tool which simplifies and smoothen the writing process.

Additionally, you can install Bamboo Paper, an app which helps stimulate the actual writing process (pen and paper).

Embolden them to read on their own

Another fundamental factor to embrace when trying to develop and nurture your writing skills I reading. Reading equips one with more knowledge which is applicable to their day-to-day lives. And as a parent, an efficient and effective means to use to enhance kid writing is encouraging them to read on their own. Reading will not only help them soak up good writing examples but also enrich their vocabulary which is fundamental when it comes to improving their writing skills. The more they read, the more they get to learn how sentences work hand in hand and the stronger their essay writing skills become.

Drafting an outline

The final step in teaching your children how to write essays is illustrating to them how to draft an outline. An outline is essential in essay writing as it acts as a guide in writing the paper. Knowing how to create one will enable them to maintain coherent progression from the start to the end of the essay. Additionally, you need to teach them how to relate their sentences to one another while writing their articles. This is because once they comprehend how to construct sentences they may have challenges trying to keep their coherent context within the article. Also, remind them to stick to the outline when writing their essays.

Moreover, explain to them the essence of the introduction and the conclusion, and how they can structure and organize their paragraphs in a logical manner.

In conclusion, an essay for kids can be a cumbersome task as the majority were writing short stories before. Additionally, when professors give assignments they do not provide them with examples they can use to handle their tasks. Hence it is up to you to ensure your kids learn how to write essays. Above are some tips and guidelines on essay writing for kids you can use to teach your children how to write essays.

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