9 Magazines to Inspire Your Garden in 2021

Fresh air and outdoor relaxation are just what 2021 needs. Never before have our gardens been such an essential part of our lives – and mental health. With everything reopening, it’s important not to forget about those who stood by you through it all. Doesn’t your garden deserve an upgrade, or at the very least, some TLC? 

Big gardens, small gardens, patios and balconies, whatever it is you’re lucky enough to have, Likely Loans have curated some of the best tips from the UK’s top home improvement magazines from atmospheric lighting and water features to fast growing crops and beautiful plants all-year round. Discover our list of 9 magazines to inspire you to elevate what your outdoor space does for you.

House Beautiful

Designed as a perfect source of inspiration for your home, interiors aren’t all House Beautiful are good at. From practical advice on how to grow different plants and liven up your flowerbeds to innovative decorating tips to create an atmosphere everyone loves to enjoy, it’s time to start transforming your space. For those who enjoy beauty blended with function, House Beautiful is an essential.

Homes & Gardens

For imaginative interiors and original outdoor ideas, Homes & Gardens curates some of the most beautiful real homes in the UK with styles to suit all tastes, from modern to traditional and everything in between. Get handy tips on planting and landscaping, and even find out exactly how to rewild your garden and embrace nature once more. 

Gardeners’ World

Based on the BBC series Gardeners’ World, the best-selling magazine of the same name is every budding gardeners dream guidance with everything from practical gardening advice to cultivating your own vegetable patch. It’s also the go-to place to find all the upcoming gardening events to add to your calendar if you’re a real green thumb.

Ideal Home

Stylish and functional, Ideal Home showcases the modern approach to making over real life homes. Expect unique, aesthetic and imaginative suggestions and guides to evolving your home and garden. Want to know how to create your own outdoor cinema? Ideal Home have you sorted. To top it off, the editors find all the best furniture, decor, appliances and tech so you don’t have to.

Country Living

Embrace the pleasant greenery of the British countryside with Country Living, a magazine dedicated to long country walks and local recipes. Transform your garden into a rural getaway for both you and the native wildlife with seasonal inspiration and ideas that’ll motivate you to pick up a shovel and make a change.

The English Garden

Known for its exclusive photography, The English Garden celebrates everything about the best gardens in the UK. If you want a picturesque garden teeming with colour and plantlife, whether it be contemporary or classical, this is the magazine to read. You’ll find advice on expert tools, exclusive stories from gardening professionals and pages and pages of flourishing gardens to recreate.

Good Housekeeping

Hailed as a lifestyle bible for the busy modern woman, Good Housekeeping is the ultimate guide to making a house a home. While it’s so much more than just gardening advice, the section dedicated to it is as comprehensive as they come with everything from how to use mulch and compost to elegant balcony ideas.

Grow Your Own

If your idea of a perfect garden is one where you can grow your own produce, this is the magazine for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little green to greens or a fully-fledged gardening veteran, get the most out of your garden with practical guides and tips to growing high-quality salads, vegetables, herbs and more from allotments across the country.

House and Garden

Find your dream interiors and gardens brought to life in the glossy pages of House and Garden. There’s stylish inspiration from real homes for every shape and size of garden, regardless of what you plan to use it for – or if you just plan to admire from a distance. Get inspired to fill all your planters and pots with many alternative tips aimed at those with smaller gardens.

Ready to start exploring gorgeous gardens? A subscription to any of these best-selling magazines will unleash your creativity and inspire you to craft your own outdoor oasis.

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