9 Little Things That Can Make a Mom Happy

On May 12, 2019, the world celebrated Mother’s Day by showing appreciation and gratitude towards mothers. Even though our mothers don’t expect presents from us, we all still like to do something that would fill their hearts with joy. Even if you cannot afford expensive presents, mere things, like a heartfelt letter, are priceless for your mother. If you’re planning to make her next birthday or Mother’s Day special, we have a few ideas that can make her extremely happy.

1. Cook for Her

Cooking your mother a six course gourmet meal will show the effort and pain you took to make her happy. It will never even be close to taking her to a fancy restaurant and paying the bill. Cooking her favorite meals will make her emotional and showcase the thoughtfulness behind it. You can also bake a cake for dessert to add a special touch and to finish your special dinner night. However tasteless your food might be, your mom would savor it heartily.

2. Help in Cleaning the House

Every mother aspires to have a clean house, and you can help her achieve it. You can take a day off or take a few hours every day for a week and clean the entire house. You can also help her by maintaining your room and keeping it organized all the time. To reduce the stress further, you can also hire a cleaning service that will leave the house sparkling clean and will allow your mom some relaxation for a few days.

3. Plan a Movie Night

When was the last time you asked your mom about her favorite movie? And what was the last time you recall her actually watching a movie peacefully? To celebrate with your mom, you can plan a movie night or a movie marathon with all of her favorite movies and snacks to go with it. 

4. Buy Her Necessary Household Products

If your mother has been postponing the plan of buying household objects that are either broken or are needed, you can take her to shop for those. A range of necessary products like kitchen equipment, electronic items, or bathroom accessories can be useful for your mum to increase her house’s functionality. You can also buy her objects that she doesn’t demand, but are needed for the house.

5. Make Her a ScrapBook

There’s nothing special than gathering your precious memories and compiling it in a scrap book. You’ve no idea how emotional moms can get over cherished possessions like these. Collect old photos, letters, movie tickets or souvenirs and prepare a hardbound book or folder that she can keep forever. 

6. Gift Her Useful Items to Relieve Her Stress

Your mother always roams around the house tirelessly, cooking and cleaning for everyone. We never really think or care about how tired she could get. Gifting her useful items like a foot massager or a set of essential oils can help her relax and relieve the accumulated stress. Things like this also help in maintaining her health and ensure her well-being.

7. Decorate with Flowers

The pleasant sight of colorful flowers and their sweet aroma around the house can definitely make your mom shed a tear or two. Buy her favorite flowers and decorate your entire house with those. You can also add a lot of balloons and request her friends and family to write heartfelt messages for her precious day.

8. Gather Her Old Friends

All mothers face super busy lifestyles and cannot take time out to meet their old friends. For her special day, you can gather all of her friends and book an event like a brunch or high tea. It’ll give her the opportunity to relive old memories with her friends.

9. Spend a Day With Her

Spending a day out with her will make her immensely happy. Your time is the most precious gift that you can give her. Begin your day with a brunch, followed by a shopping spree, taking a spa massage, and ending it with a movie. It’d be a normal day for you, but your mom would rejoice every second of it. Try to plan similar events every month. She’ll definitely look forward to spending more quality time with you, bringing you closer.

Indeed, it’s really easy to please our moms and it will only  take the least effort to do so. They deserve all the presents, attention and happiness. Not only will these things make her feel special, but also they will ease her stress and increase the bond between you two.

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