9 Clever Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Every woman should have a few clothing tricks up their sleeves. Whether it’s to mend torn clothes, fit tight shoes, or remove stubborn stains. There’s a quick solution for all these things and more.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the top 9 clever clothing hacks.

1. Bra Hacks

Like finding the right bra size wasn’t a head-scratcher, there are issues of falling straps, uncomfortable underwires and more. You don’t have to fret as we’ve solutions for all your bra woes.

  • Sew a buttoned strap on your tops or get cushioned strap holders to prevent straps from falling or peeking.
  • Fasten both bra straps with a paperclip to convert it into a racerback bra. Quick solution for open shoulder dresses.
  • Wash your bras by placing them inside a lingerie bag to avoid stretching straps.
  • Fix a poking underwire by pushing it inside its original position, then patch it with moleskin.
  • Turn a regular bra into a strapless one by tucking its straps under the bra cups.

2. Zipper Hacks

The zipper on your pants won’t stay put? Take a key ring, slide it through the zip. Zip your pants up and secure the ring on the pant’s buttons.

If the zipper is stuck, apply a lubricant. It can be a crayon, chapstick, or a bar of soap. Keep on applying the lubricant on the zipper until it’s unstuck.

3. Double-Sided Tape Hack

The resourcefulness of double-sided tape isn’t talked about as much. But it can avoid silly wardrobe mishaps in an instant. With double-sided tape, you can,

  • Close the button gaps in your blouse.
  • Make a deep neckline more modest.
  • Hold your tie in place.
  • Keep bra straps hidden.
  • Fake a hem on your pants, skirts, or dresses.

4. Waterproof Shoe Hack

Of course, you can buy rain boots, but sometimes you wish your normal shoes could resist wet weather. Well, this quick fix can waterproof your shoes. Rub odorless and non-dye beeswax over your shoes. Dry the wax with a hairdryer and test the waterproofing.

However, you can shop for Gucci online in case you are craving to get some fancy shoes.

5. Unshrinking Hack

We’ve all accidentally shrunk our favorite clothes. But what if I tell you there are ways to unshrink clothes? So, before you hand them over to your younger ones, try the following method.

  • Add a cup of conditioner or baby shampoo in a bucket of cool water.
  • Soak your shrunken clothes in the solution for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Squeeze out as much water from the garment as you can before placing them on a dry towel.
  • Roll the towel with the garment to remove excess water.
  • Unroll the towel after 10 minutes, place the garment on another dry towel, and gently stretch it from both ends to reshape. Problem solved!

6. Stain Removing Hacks

The embarrassment of sweat stains on your white shirts isn’t like any other. But with a solution of vinegar, baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, you can remove any stubborn stain.

Not only is this method cost-effective, but it also removes stains in under 30 minutes!

7. Scarf Hacks

Wearing scarves around your neck doesn’t do justice to its versatility. There are multiple ways to style a scarf. You can wear it as a vest, belted cape, kimono, beach cover-ups, or even as a belt.

Get creative with it and you may even find at least 10 different ways to style it around your neck.

8. Jeans Fitting Hacks

Got jeans that are too loose around the waist or just won’t pull up? Well, we’ve solutions for both these dilemmas.

Fix the awkward gap behind your loose jeans with an elastic band. Make two slits on the inner waistband of the jeans. Now slip the elastic band through the slits and stitch.

To alter a tight jeans waist, get a piece of denim fabric, scissors, and stitching tools. Make slits along the sides of the jeans. Now place the denim fabric between the slits that are stretched as broad as your preference and stitch. Voila, problem solved!

9. Sweater Hacks

Don’t throw away your sweater because it has become fuzzy. With a razor blade, you can easily de-fuzz it. Gently roll the blade on the sweater to remove its fuzz and make it look brand new.

If you have a hole in your sweater, mend it with horizontal stitches. No one will notice the hole.

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