9 Budget Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

It is certainly nice to walk around your house in a silk robe and slip into a super comfortable bedsheet, but a luxury bedroom might not be in the cards for you right now. However, it is cheaper and easier than you think to upgrade your bedroom and turn it into a gorgeous, luxurious space. Few upgrades can make the space feel expensive immediately. You do not need designer furniture or luxurious cotton bedsheets. It only takes something little like a great candle or a classy side table to do the trick. Here are some tips to help take your bedroom to the next level with minimal cash and effort. 

  1.  Change the hardware

When you think of hardware, you should think of it like jewelry for the bedroom. The right type of hardware can immediately elevate the look. You can get a new set of knobs or a stylish new dresser to refresh the space. Simply switch from the standard hardware to a visually exciting one to add an extra touch to the space. 

2.  Bring new pillows

The one thing all of us love at luxury hotels is the over-filled, plump pillows. They are the gold standard and can bring the same look home. You can buy inserts that are slightly larger than the pillow covers. Consider buying a 14-inch pillow and 16-inch pillow inserts. Whenever you want to replace the pillows, always look for ones that are lofty and thick. You should have two pillows per person. 

3.  Add a tray

The easiest and most affordable way to raise the standard of your bedroom is to add a tray. It will immediately class up the space. You can fill the tray with trinkets and if you want to place it on the vanity, you can stock it with jewelry, perfume bottles, or your favorite creams. You can also have a tray on the side table and place a glass of water or a candle in it.

4.  Consider a statement blanket

Not all of us can afford luxury bedding but we can always use the throw blanket. You can consider making a blanket statement by adding a large chunky knit throw that is placed across the foot of the bed. It will take the focus away from the comforter or the duvet and add color to the space. 

5.  Texture 

Adding textural elements can make the room feel well-layered and rich. You can try a faux fur throw on the chair or a rug on the floor by the bed to make the room cozier. Consider adding rattan baskets and look for light fixtures if you enjoy the boho-luxe look. It will make the space look inviting and exciting.

6.  Style the nightstand

Your nightstand should not look like a junk drawer that is on display. You must regularly empty the drinking glasses and get rid of things you no longer need. If you want to upgrade the bedroom and make it look glamorous, you need to put in the effort to clean the nightstand. Add a cute lamp or a plant and think about hanging something in the empty wall space.  

7.  Change the mirror

You will be surprised to see the difference that a simple mirror can make to your room. If you are using the same plain mirror you bought many years ago, it is now time for a change. Add an antique-inspired mirror or something curvy. It will open up the space and become a focal point. You can find unique mirrors at the garage sale, flea market, or online. 

8.  Change the lighting 

You need to get rid of the light fixture you got when you purchased the home. Replace it with something swanky and stylish. Consider a sputnik lamp, a drum pendant, or even a small chandelier. You will find many inexpensive and trendy options online. 

9.  Add a special piece

All of us have hobbies and if you, like many others love to display your art, you can do it on the bedroom wall. Add your favorite piece of art or a musical instrument like an acoustic guitar as wall decor. It can instantly make the space bespoke and add your personal touch to it. You can also add photographs on the wall to make it a focal point of the room. 

You must also keep the floor clean and clear so that it looks less cluttered and the room looks larger than it is. These are a few simple and efficient ways you can elevate the look of your bedroom. You do not need to hire a professional expert or set aside a huge budget for the purpose. All you have to do is add the right type of elements to the space.