8 Ways to Utilize Your Kid’s Old Clothes

Babies outgrow so fast, within in few months they start to look talker and their clothes look smaller. 

Every mom loves to shop for their babies, especially when they are becoming a mother the first time. They usually don’t have much experience with baby’s sizes and how they change their size within a few months. I too remember my experience, when I was pregnant with my first child, I bought every category clothes. I bought scary costumes, funny baby clothes, superhero outfits, tons of onesies, homecoming boy outfits, shirts. Believe me, I could open my own baby clothing brand with all those baby clothing stock. 

At the start, you just want to grab everything in the world for your baby, but soon enough you realize that it was just a waste of time and money but the time has passed and it is too late now to Mourn.

Morning is not the solution you need to step up and pull out the creative designer inside you and start utilizing your baby’s old clothes into something useful.

For your convenience, I have compiled down some amazing ideas from which you can decide, what you want to do with your pile of old baby clothes. 

  • Turn them into stuffed toys

Kids love toys in their hands, but they can be costly to parents sometimes. According to a survey, an average parent usually spends over $6000 on toys for their kids. You can save money and can have the best use out of it. 

Socks monkeys and puppets can’t be the only toys people think they can make with clothes. There is much more potential in it. You can create stuffed animals or teddy bears, there are endless possibilities just try to use one. if you don’t do anything about the old clothes, you will be soon drowning in their old pile of clothes. 

  • Use Them to Clean

Cleaning your house is a necessity, so cleaning rages are necessary to have in your house. Instead of wasting your resources and money on buying some flimsy rags, you can just simply use the old clothes of your child. 

Post your child’s clothing is made up of cotton, which acts as an excellent cleaning agent. You can also jeans for the tight scrubs cleaning. 

  • Update teddy’s wardrobe 

Another creative way of using those clothes is to use them in your child’s play. Give your child to let them sew, cut, and redesign a new outfit for their stuffed animals or toys or you can just make their Teddy bear wear it, as it is. You can build a bear workshop for selling of bear clothes at an excellent price.

  • Turn into a pet bed 

If you have a cat or dog at your home, you can use old clothes to make a pet bed for your pet, this will be the best way to utilize your baby’s clothes. There are tons of website available on the Internet who will provide step by step process of making excellent use of clothes for your pet bed. Your pet would love their bed plus you will also learn something new. 

  • Save it for your coming one 

If you are planning to have another baby, you can save clothes for your coming one. It is okay if those are not usable anymore but still, there would be some clothes that can be utilized excellently and are available in their excellent shape. 

  • Gift Them to Family Members

If someone in your family or friends expecting a baby, you can pick out, well in shape, and brand-new looking onesies to gift them. You can especially categorize each onesie that it looks creative and impressive and they will admire the effort you have made in it. You can be categorized Before gifting it to them as funny baby onesies, sleeping baby onesies, nerdy onesies, superhero onesies, or any other category you have in your baby’s wardrobe. But you need to make sure to give only those clothes which are already in good shape or your baby didn’t use it much or it looks perfectly new. 

  • Create Halloween Costumes!

Halloween costumes are all about being creative with your dress. You can save money and your time by recreating your own baby’s Halloween costumes for your little one. 

  • Donate Them!

This one is my personal favorite. There are many kids out there who can not afford to buy clothes, so it will consider a great deed and gesture, if you think about those and make sure to donate all your child’s old clothes to the one who will take care of them, and value even more than you do. By donating you will be helping little ones to be in comfort and warmth.

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