8 Ways to Celebrate a Baby’s First Halloween

Every mother gets excited when it comes to celebrating their baby’s first Halloween. Your baby’s first Halloween is worth celebrating. Usually, mothers get panicked when it comes to thinking about the ideas of their little one’s Halloween costume.

Well! We have made it easier for you. We have put some amazing and most creative ideas to make your newly born Halloween more special. Maybe your baby’s too little for the activities of Halloween but there is still a lot you can do to make it the best time for your little cutie. They might be too small to remember this later but it’s still okay to get excited for the ideas to make everything special for your little one. 

  • Get the perfect baby Halloween costume.

The first and most important part is to find the best Halloween costume for your little one. There are many cute costumes for baby in the market to choose from, but you just need to know in which costume you have pictured your baby in. 

Celebrate your baby’s big holiday in style and choose the best baby costume for your little one. You can buy a costume which matches with whole family’s costumes. Just remember your little one is the cutest in the house, no matter what you try on your baby he/she will automatically make it standout. 

So be confident and don’t get too panicked and picky. So can choose a Cuddly Cute Lion, Fuzzy Bumble Bee, Baby Dragon, Puppy, Sunflower, Monkey, Feathered Chicken, Magical Unicorn, Koala, Colorful Caterpillar and Star wars baby clothes or costumes. 

  • Decorate the house week before. 

To give your baby perfect Halloween’s vibes for much longer, you can decorate your house way before time or one week before. Dedicate the whole week to your baby’s Halloween by doing each day a different Halloween activity. You can make it save each day in memories through pictures to tell your baby (when he/she grows up) how amazing his or her first Halloween was. 

  •  Arrange a Baby’s first Halloween photoshoot

Your little one is too small to remember this later so it would be better to save some memories in photographs and videography. You can make a photoshoot stage for your baby’s first Halloween photoshoot. Create a sign that says baby’s first Halloween. You can also customize a pumpkin for your baby and put your baby in it with a sign says, “My first Halloween”. This will make an adorable photoshoot experience of your cutie pie. 

  •  Throw a Halloween party. 

Arrange a get together with your family and friends, you can invite your neighbors too for your baby’s first party of Halloween. 

Nothing will look more adorable than a bunch of kids in Halloween costumes. You can play kids-friendly Halloween music and serve some pumpkin baby food as a treat for all. You can create a baby’s fun playing activities as well. 

  • Let your baby participate in Halloween’s tasks. 

Indeed, your baby is small to assign them a Halloween task. No one is saying you to make your baby responsible for the whole task it will not be possible for your little one. You can make them participate with you, such as ask your baby to give candies to everyone. You can involve them in the home decoration and pumpkin carving process. Just make sure to involve your baby anyway. This will also develop their habit of helping.

  • Attend a Halloween event at the zoo 

Most of the zoo host events for the kids in Halloween. You can attend a kid-friendly and not so scary fun activity with your baby. This will include trick or treating, children’s activities and games, dance party along with photoshoot of Halloween, and the most exciting part is they also gift cute gender neutral baby clothes and costumes to those who win the games. 

  • Tell a Halloween story

Who can love stories more than kids? Yes!! You can save a Halloween themed story for your baby at home. To make it more memorable you can video shoot it just to watch it years later. 

  • 1st Halloween scrapbook.

You can also experiment with creative ideas by making a Halloween scrapbook for your little sugar plum. It will be still exciting participation to create your Baby’s first Halloween scrapbook. You can decorate the pages with your baby’s handprints. You can also draw animals and objects of Halloween themed such as a spider, wings, a pumpkin, a black cat, and objects with happy faces. Must reme

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