8 Types of Minor Accidents for Your Safety

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Cuts of any kind are probably the most common type of minor accidents. No matter the type of cut, there will most likely be blood. There should be band-aids and antiseptic sprays in the first aid kits at a home. The worksites have these same first aid kits. Depending on your job, wearing rubber gloves might be required.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are very common. Sometimes in the home, you can get something in your eye and need to rinse your eye out. If something hits your eye and the cornea becomes scratched you will need to head to the eye doctor. When working in a lab chemicals can get in the eyes. There is a safety eyewash in labs for these purposes. When in a workplace such as a construction site there will be first aid kits especially for eyes such as eye and wound modules or premier eye care station wall mounts.

Glass-Related Injuries

Glass-related injuries are a common minor injury and can very easily become a major injury without proper personal protection. In the home and workplace, these accidents can come from furniture or doors. A pretty common way these accidents can happen is from broken light bulbs or while replacing the light bulbs.

Trips and falls

No matter your age, you are susceptible to falling. The most common people to fall are the very young and the very old. The younger you are the most likely to just get a scape. If a scrape, cut or bruise occurs just properly take care of them. Older people are more likely to be far more injured and should be on the lookout for things such as drowsiness and vomiting.

Falling objects

Falling objects are a common minor accident in the workplace and in a home with young children. As children start to walk around on their own, this accident has increased odds of happening. Accidents happen often in the home and are the main reason why first aid kits are necessary at home. This a common accident when working in warehouses or construction sites. Whenever working with heavy equipment or construction sites. Personal protection such as hard hats, safety goggles and work gloves are required. To keep the area clear and the workers alert, always have the appropriate safety signs.


Bruising is a very common accident. Even the slightest fall can create bruises. The best thing to do is to use a cold pack on it. Depending on the location, rest might help. If there’s constant pain and limited movement of the area, a doctor might be necessary.


Sprains are annoying and everyone has probably dealt with them at some point. The most common places to get a sprain is the wrist, knee or ankle. A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched, twisted and even torn. The best way to deal with a sprain is to use a cold pack on the area and rest it. Make sure adequate time to heal is taken before using the ligament again.

Burns and Scalds

Burns and scalds are extremely common in the home and workplace. Some of the most common ways these accidents happen are drinking hot beverages too hot or splatter from grease while cooking. Burns should be held under cool water for a few minutes to help the area. Obvious protection from a fire is making sure to have the right fire extinguishers in place. There are things like aloe in first aid kits for any burns. Worksites will usually have different kinds of first aid kits such as Burn Modules or Emergency Burn Stations.

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