8 Top Reasons To Get Breast Augmentation

Recently, many approved cosmetic surgeries can change how you look. Most people are taking these cosmetic surgeries to gain confidence in their activities and life. One of the significant and popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation. The purpose of taking this surgery is to increase the size of your breast.

Breast implants will be placed under your chest muscles or breast tissue during the surgery to enhance your breast size and appearance. There are choices regarding breast implants – the shape, size, texture, incision location, placement options, and then fill material (saline or silicone).

What Should You Consider Before the Surgery?

Breast augmentation has numerous benefits. But before that, there are things to keep in mind.

Even after taking the surgery, breast implants don’t prevent sagging. That’s why a surgeon recommends you a breast lift during the process to correct breast sagging.

The other thing, this procedure will not last forever. An average lifespan that breast implant can last is a decade. You should expect implant rupture. Remember that, as you age, the same will happen to your breasts and various factors like weight gain or loss affect the way your breasts will look. And these are issues that may lead to more surgeries.

Moreover, mammograms may be complicated. So, after you undergo breast implants, you may need additional and specialized views to your mammogram routine.

Breast implants are likely to hamper your breastfeeding. But you may successfully breastfeed even after breast augmentation. But sometimes, you might find it challenging.

Similar to other cosmetic surgeries, insurance will not cover your breast augmentation surgery. But to cover the test, the procedure must be medically important such as breast cancer. If not that, you have to prepare to handle your expenses – including future imaging tests and related surgeries.

Additionally, after the breast augmentation implant removal, you may have to undertake additional surgery. After your implants are removed, the surgeon will suggest undergoing a breast lift or any other corrective surgery to restore the appearance.

Plus, screening for silicon rupture should be done. According to FDA, this procedure will need routine monitoring after five to six years to screen for silicone rupture. You also have to take a breast MRI after every two or three years. If not screened with MRI, you can use ultrasound as the alternative. This is where you should talk with your plastic surgeon regarding specific imaging needed for your implants.

If you smoke, you have to stop about six weeks prior to and after your surgery. You also have to arrange for a driver who will take you home and stay with you for the first few days.

Benefits for Breast Augmentation

If you undergo transformative breast augmentation surgeries, you will experience various benefits. To know why breast augmentation is important, read on.

  1. It increases your breast size

One of the reasons you may need breast augmentation is to increase the size of your breast. The desire to get large breasts is to please others and look more attractive. That’s because breasts are significant in women’s feminity.

Whatever the reasons for getting large breasts, this is the right procedure to achieve effective and long-lasting breasts.

  • It Gives Your More Swimsuit and Clothing Options

The other benefit of breast augmentation is making you look womanly with every blouse or swimsuit you wear. In addition, the surgery ensures you look great in your style of clothing.

  • It Helps You Update Your Look and Age

According to the media, it portrays this procedure as something for women in their 20s. But that’s not the case because it sorts out women of all ages. If you are in your 30s, 40s, and above, you can enjoy the benefits of transformative surgery.

As you age, breast augmentation is the solution to make you look better. And because you are not in your 20s, that doesn’t hinder you from feeling attractive or sexy. In your 50s, this procedure can help restore what aging has changed you.

  • It helps you get a balanced figure

When you take breast augmentation surgery, you don’t have to go for the supersized look. Perhaps, your breasts appear too small; this will give you an unbalanced proportion. You, therefore, have to improve your proportions.

Nevertheless, breast augmentation is essential because it improves your aesthetic harmony to get the perfect hourglass shape. If hips and breasts will be proportionate to the entire body, the procedure is beneficial in making your waistline smaller.

  • It helps improve your breast shape

You don’t have to think breast augmentation is about the size. These implants come in different shapes – contoured and round. To achieve a bold look that has ample cleavage, you should take around and high-profile implants. But for a more natural appearance, you should consider contour breast implants with a teardrop shape. Such an implant will closely match the natural breasts.

  • It helps to reverse changes after pregnancy

Children are a true gift in your life, but pregnancy leaves you with a permanent physical change in your body. Some of these changes are where your breast suffers from the brunt of the changes, particularly breastfeeding.

When you are pregnant, your breasts usually look full, but they take a deflated appearance after breastfeeding. Luckily, breast augmentation will beautifully restore the volume lost due to giving birth.

  • It helps correct asymmetry

When you have asymmetrical breasts, that’s common and something completely normal. Unfortunately, it will be a hassle to get fitting swimsuits and bras. This is something that can make you uncomfortable because of asymmetrical breasts.

You may also need to get subtle enlargement, making it essential to customize breast through augmentation to your preference.

  • It boosts your confidence

Breast augmentation is a powerful effect that can improve your self-esteem and outlook. You will find that most patients wish to have done the surgery sooner. It is a procedure that improves sexual satisfaction because it makes you feel confident and have a sense of feminity. In other words, breast augmentation will dramatically improve your overall confidence.


You have seen the numerous benefits of breast augmentation. Remember that, similar to other surgical procedures, there are risks involved, such as infection, breast pain, implant rupture or leakage, and change in your nipple or breast sensation.