8 Things You Should Know Before Hanging Curtains And Shades

Curtains make a room feel complete. They invite a private, warm atmosphere. Depending on the curtain, they offer a delicate beauty that’s hard to find with another functional décor. However, there are certain things you should know before hanging curtains and shades.

1. Measure

You can do this by measuring the window(s) that will be treated with curtains and shades. Simply grab a tape measure and get started. Doing this step first will prevent you from making size mistakes later (which look dastardly).

2. Width

A good rule of fashion is to purchase a curtain rod that’s wider than your window’s width. This will make it so your panels can hang on both sides of your window on this wide rod. Doing so also deceives the eye into “seeing” the window being wider and larger than it is. Additionally, doing so will make it easier for more sunlight to shine into your room. This will make the room feel larger than it is.

3. Illusion

Hang the rod twelve inches above the frame, then hang a bamboo shade under the pole. Hanging a curtain with a shade will make the treated window look for ‘formidable’ and important. Thus the illusion of the window seeming taller. It adds to the design of any room and requires virtually no effort for this flawless look.

4. Creative Hems

Applying creative hem finishes to your curtains help you adjust the length. A popular finish is called the “trouser kick.” This fun style is called that because the bottom of the curtain, which touches the floor, is 3” longer than the flush. This style means the curtain also breaks forward – similar to trousers, hence the name. You could also apply the puddle finish or the Bishop Sleeve. As you can guess, there are different creative hem finishes you can use to make your curtains and shades look more visually interesting.

5. High & Short

If you want to make your window seem taller than it is, thus making your room seem larger in appearance, then hang the curtain rod higher. (As well as the bamboo shade from tip #3.) The general rule of thumb is 6” above the window frame (the closer to the ceiling the better). With that said, fabrics should fall an inch before the floor – unless you’re using curtains fit for cafes. Curtains that fall to the floor tend to offer a romantic appeal but end up getting dirtier quicker.

6. Fabric

Each room in the home/apartment should have a mood. Be sure to select luxury fabric that suits the mood you’re going for. You don’t want to use a thin linen during the winter, a time of coziness and warmth. The mood you go with determines the curtain fabric that would fit well.

7. Press/Steam

Folds and wrinkles don’t look good in any circumstances. From clothes to curtains, they are considered the bane of style. Steaming and/or pressing your panels will remove the wrinkles that they come in when they’re unwrapped for the bag.

8. Accessories

No functional fashion décor would be complete without accessories. You could add ceiling brackets, carriers or end stops. You could even add something as simple as snap tape, which lets you attach panels to drapery hardwire without hooks – making the process easier for you.


These are several things you should know before hanging curtains. Following these simple tips will help hanging curtains easier, and will help the design of your home. Just remember to measure the area first, find matching rods for that area and accessorise as needed.

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