8 Things to Know Before Choosing Electric Shavers for Your Husband  

Electric shavers are simpler and more convenient in comparison to hand razors. They are available with multiple features like sonic vibration, shaving sensors, different shaving heads etc. if you are looking forward to choose an electric shaver for your husband, then here are 8 things which you should consider before buying one.

Foil or Rotary

The electric shavers are of two types- Rotary or Foil. Both function in the same manner fundamentally but are little different from each other.

Rotary shavers: they comprise of circular blades which are adaptable. They use three circular heads with moving circular cutter which function to conform to your face. Rotary electric razors are perfect for those with tough skin kind and rough beard density. The blades offer closer shave and are good for long and rough hair. They are good for men with coarse hair and those who do not prefer shaving daily.

Foil shaver: they comprise of thin curved metal foil which cover several blades collection. Foil shavers are recommended for those with straight hair and who prefer long and forth movement on their face. When purchasing a foil shaver, you may come across different types of cutting blades. They are not recommended for long hair.


Not all people have the budget to afford one kind of shaver depending on their financial ability. Thus, you should go for a razor which you can afford and is of nice quality. If you are gifting it to your husband, then you can spend a little more, but not every time.

It is important to check the longevity of the shaver before you purchase. One should also consider the cost of replacement blades and lubricant. Make sure the cost of keeping the razor and its parts actually fits in your budget well.

LCD or LED interface

With shavers getting innovative day by day, they come equipped with LED panels. Though these specs aren’t necessary but they prove to be beneficial with time. The LED interface would permit you to check the status of the razor at any point. If your shaver battery needs to be charged again, the LED panel will immediately inform you.

Cordless or with cord

Electric shavers can either be corded or cordless. You have to choose the one with which you are compatible. Cordless razors give you freedom of movement and max convenience but their battery may hinder your work and you may need to charge them too frequently. But, men who are travelling should definitely go for a cordless shaver but if you are mostly at home, then you can go for a corded one.

The cord may appear restricting but it keeps your razor maximum powered at all times. It is important to examine the cord cautiously. You can get an extended cord too for better flexibility. See whether the cord is retractable or springy.

Maintenance needs

Every shaver needs maintenance. Some needs to be cleaned after every use while others require periodic maintenance and cleanliness. Depending on the lifestyle of your husband, you should choose the shaver. If your husband actually has time to clean and oil it periodically, then go for one. If not choose the one which need low maintenance from his side.


What are the accessories which you should team up along with the shaver while presenting it to your husband? You should keep in mind the accessories which need to be included with shaver. You can include lubricant, travelling case, replacement blades along with the shaver.

You can also include a cleaning brush along with the razor. The brush will help you to keep the electric shaver tidy after every use.

Life span of battery

If you decide to select a cordless shaver, you should pay close attention to the shaver’s battery life. Find out how long will it take to fully charge the shaver? How long will it take for the battery to get fully drained? The higher the battery life it has, the better it is.


Lastly, it is important to keep in check the coverage included with the shaver you are buying. The warranty on your electric razor should be your last concern. If by chance, your razor unexpectedly develops fault, then it needs to be replaced or repaired. Under such circumstances, the warranty will come handy and could provide you with a brand new electric shaver with no extra cost.

In the end, it is all about the personal preference of your husband. Just like everything in life, the right way to get an electric shaver for your husband is to ensure the comfort and usability of the product. So make sure you choose a good quality product and use it nicely and maintain it well for its long life.

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