8 supposedly harmless habits against your benefit

It’s no secret that it has become fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle. Vying nutritionists recommend drinking plenty of water and sleeping a little longer. In the pursuit of the ideal, most of us begin with excessive insistence to fulfil these requirements. The result is a completely different (negative) one. But everything should be within measures.

1. Drink more water

No, you can and even need to drink water, because it is necessary for our body to balance and maintain the liver, lungs and brain. However, an excess of fluid can lead to much more serious consequences. Just imagine, the kidneys of a healthy person can process no more than one litre of water per hour. That is, if you want to drink more, you can easily find yourself in a hospital bed. In addition, water abuse can lead to intoxication and, as a consequence, to swelling of the lungs or brain. The only way out is to drink water only in reasonable quantities. The daily rate is calculated taking into account your weight. It is also worth remembering that this norm includes not only water in pure form, but also other liquids: tea, coffee, juices, and soups.

2. Plan every penny

According to our site, there is nothing wrong with the desire to keep house accounts and plan expenses, if you do it reasonably. However, some people don’t and therefore leave in total rejection. This is where the most destructive effect begins. The habit of denying yourself everything turns life into a faceless existence, the main goal of which is to earn more and save for a distant cherished dream. Gradually, you accumulate unrealized desires, and also fatigue, dissatisfaction. It is not necessary to postpone life for later. If you want to keep a close eye on spending, do it, but immediately consider the money for your little pleasures, which do not necessarily have to be useful. Conclusion: the study of information about Nonton Film and Internet roulette allows you to learn the principles of the game and expand your knowledge in the field of gambling.

3. Sleep enough

Everyone knows that regular lack of sleep is harmful to health, but excess sleep does not bring any benefit to a person. If you regularly indulge in a long sleep, lasting 9 hours or more, prepare for such negative consequences as depression, deterioration of the brain, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and back pain. To feel good, we advise to sleep 7-8 hours, go to bed before midnight and always get up at the same time.

4. Sneeze into the palm 

We were taught from childhood that sneezing aloud is inappropriate. Hence the habit of covering his mouth and nose with his hand. However, it is known that during a sneeze, our respiratory organs produce a flow of air, which takes off under high pressure at a speed of 120 m/s. If at this moment, you close your mouth and nose, a rapid flow of air will fall on the internal organs. This can injure the soft tissues of the nasopharynx and trachea, cause rupture of blood vessels in the eyes, lead to perforation of the eardrum or emphysema of the lungs. Of course, we are talking about quite rare phenomena that do not happen to everyone. But why tempt fate and test your body. Millet make it a rule to sneeze, covering your mouth with a disposable napkin or for lack of one at the elbow.

5. Agree to everything

Surely, you have seen the film with the brilliant Jim Carrey, where the hero refuses to seriousness and all the conventions, and begins to agree to everything that life presents to him. The message of the film many liked, but our site recommends not to take everything so literally. Yes, it is good to be open to life, new opportunities and feelings, but it is worth properly assessing offers. Some proposals can be absolutely delusional, dangerous, and some just do not come to your liking. Therefore, do not forget about common sense and be guided solely by your desires.

6. Don’t sit around

You did not notice that our older relatives do not know how to relax at all. They are driven all the time by a thirst for activity: cooking washing cleaning, sewing, tinkering repairing, planting, digging, collecting – all in their spare time. It is not surprising that brought up by such parents, many adopted these habits. The life of such people, often completely devoid of leisure, recreation and personal time. To take time for themselves to lie down longer in the bath or spend the weekend in bed for them seems to be a manifestation of laziness. This behaviour is fundamentally wrong and speaks of a great dislike for yourself. Understand and accept the fact that everyone needs rest and it is not a waste of time, and help yourself, body and nervous system.

7. To give and to fulfil all the promises

Being honest and responsible and true to your word is fine. But sometimes, we make promises in a hurry, and then regret, suffer, but still try to fulfil them. And it happens that we overestimate our strength and after that we realise that we cannot fulfil the task. All these manifestations are quite normal and are to take place. Do not reproach yourself and feel a sense of shame for having prioritized in their own way or did not meet someone’s expectations. Just admit to yourself and others that you have overestimated your strength or plans have changed, and you cannot fulfill the promise.

8. Think everything through

In general, analytics is not bad. You can and should analyze your behavior in a given situation, work done, or relationships completed. But to analyze every step and act committed in the past is very bad. Regularly scrolling through different situations in memory can lead to serious mental disorders and low self-esteem. In addition, obsession with the past does not allow you to live in the present, to develop, and move on.

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