8 Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Are America’s Favorite Pet

There are valid reasons why we’ve bestowed dogs with the title “man’s best friend.” For centuries, dogs of all breeds have been at the heels of human owners, forming one-of-a-kind friendships that would stand the test of centuries. Many aspiring dog owners pine for a furry friend of their own so they, too, can enjoy these lovable creatures’ companionship and eager willingness to please.

For clarification’s sake, note that some dog breeds make better pets than others. Distinguishing between ideal pet breeds and those you should steer clear of is a conversation of genetics and biological temperament. With that said, there’s one breed that seems to rise above the others; the labrador retriever.

If you’ve found yourself entangled in the Golden Retriever vs. Lab debate, acknowledge that both breeds are well-deserving of a spot in your family Christmas card. While both Golden and Labrador retrievers are known for their high energy and loving natures, there’s something about the Labrador retriever that seems to make them the perfect pet.

If you’re searching for a furry family addition, here are eight reasons why you should consider America’s favorite pet, the Labrador retriever.

They’re people-pleasers

As a breed, labrador retrievers are characterized by their inherent need to please their human companions. Because Labs are fast learners and notorious people-pleasers, this breed is very easy to train.

As an additional benefit, when left on their own during the day, Labrador retrievers tend to stay out of trouble. Because this breed’s driven by their need to satisfy their owners, Labs avoid mischievous behavior like couch chewing, urinating inside the house, stealing personal belongings, etc.

They have wonderful dispositions

If ever there was a happy-go-lucky breed of dog, this would be the one. Labrador retrievers tend to have incredibly upbeat dispositions, making it easy to predict their behaviors.

This cheerful disposition should be a determining factor when selecting a family pet, especially those dogs spending significant amounts of time around small children. When trained around small children, Labrador retrievers adapt quickly to the rough, hands-on playing style children tend to demonstrate. Instinctually, this breed seems to understand the difference between fun and aggression, and they love to have fun.

They remain loyal

The only evidence that breeders can breed loyalty rests within the Retriever breeds. A commitment to their owner or immediate family seems to be hardwired into this specific dog breed, which is why Labrador retrievers make for such excellent protectors of the home and family.

They’re friendly and well-mannered

Any dog enthusiast would be hard-pressed to find another type of pet friendlier than a Labrador retriever. Because of their happy-go-lucky disposition, they’re incredibly approachable. It’s virtually effortless for outsiders to bond with a Labrador retriever. All it takes is a little pat on the head or scratch behind the ears, and you’ve made a lifelong friend.

Much like they readily greet human strangers, Labrador retrievers make fast friends with other dogs and even cats. If you own other household pets, choose a fun-loving breed that doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

They’re hard-working

Some aspiring dog owners fail to think of pets in terms of their work ethic. If you’re shopping for a work companion, Labrador retrievers are an excellent option. After all, there’s a reason hunting enthusiasts choose labs as their hunting companions. Unlike other breeds, Labrador retrievers are willing to endure the harshest conditions to achieve any task they’ve been trained to accomplish.

As far as dog breeds go, labs are one of the reliable types of working dogs. Their strong work ethic makes them suitable for work as drug detectors, search and rescue dogs, and companions for people with disabilities.

They’re energetic and playful

Sometimes, the only must-have on someone’s dog wishlist is a pup that’s playful, fun, and energetic—all traits that describe the Labrador retriever. As a breed, they have great energy and love physical contact with humans. Additionally, these furry companions also like being around water, which makes them great camping companions.

They’re low-maintenance

While Labrador retrievers do shed, generally speaking, they’re relatively clean dogs. If owners take good care of these pups and regularly groom them, Labrador retrievers won’t leave a trail of hair behind on your couch cushions or pitch-back clothing.

Besides the low grooming commitment involved, they’re incredibly obedient and reasonably quiet compared to other breeds, making them one of the lowest maintenance pets available. An occasional trip to the groomer and vet is all it takes to keep a Labrador retriever happy and healthy.

They’re cuddly and affectionate

Because some pet owners just want to sit back, relax, and unwind at the end of a long day, you’ll need a dog breed that can accommodate your relaxation needs. Luckily, Labs are perfectly content curling up next to you and playing the role of an honorary lap dog.

This particular dog breed is also very intuitive and can sense when their owners or loved ones feel down in the dumps.  It’s not beyond a lab to try to wipe away its owner’s tears with a little doggie affection.

Final thoughts

When shopping for a new furry friend, you’ll need to account for your family size, your current lifestyle, and the age of the children residing in your home. If you’re looking for a high-energy, low-maintenance, well-mannered, and obedient pup, look no further. With a Labrador retriever at your side, you and your family members will feel smothered in affection and deeply loved. Not to mention, you’ll always have a companion willing to tag along on camping retreats, hunting trips, or lakeside visits.

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  1. they are really adorable. A couple of my friends do own retrievers. I have one german short hair pointer and a german shepherd dog. They both are lovely creatures and I believe there could no best friends than furry friends.

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