8 Lifestyle Habits That Help You Lose Weight

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to adopt a diet and hit the gym every day to lose weight. Even though some sources indicate so, it’s not always the case. According to Ashvini Mashru, the author of “Small Steps to Slim,” you can also lose weight if you make small changes to your lifestyle. It’s easier to lose weight effortlessly without even paying too much attention to yourself by just adopting some day-to-day habits. Here are some of those habits you should add to your lifestyle.

1. Hydrate

Water is a basic commodity for your body, and you have to guzzle it as much as possible or at least eight glasses a day. Your body is always maintaining itself and working harder, and at times it might need more H20.

Sometimes you might think you are hungry, but in reality, you are just thirsty, and grab a snack when your body just wants a glass of water. Well, that snack might be filled with carbs.

2. Plan For Your Meals

Sometimes you might wake up late, even though it’s wrong, realize you will be late for work and decide to skip breakfast. You can also be so busy that you forget to take your lunch.

You should always stick to your eating plan. Plan for your day and include meal time in between to shed some pounds.

3. Step on the Weighing Scale

Weighing yourself every morning will motivate you and improve your self-control. Studies have shown that weighing daily is effective in weight loss. One study indicated that people who weighed themselves daily lost 13 pounds in six months than those who did it less often.

Stepping on to the weighing scale every morning will encourage you to stick to healthy habits and behaviors that promote weight loss.

4. Stop Taking Sodas and Juice

Homemade smoothies made of fruits and greens are perfect, but the sodas and juices you take are doing you more harm than good. Today, the average American consumes 20% calories through liquids every day.

Unfortunately, most of those beverages are sodas and juices. Roll over to homemade coffee, or water to keep you hydrated.

5. Ensure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

One of the best way to lose weight is by making sure you have enough sleep. Research has shown that adequate sleep can help you cut the fat.

Every human being should sleep for eight hours on average, but some people need more while others need less. You can only tell whether you had enough sleep or not if you wake up refreshed or groggy and grouchy.

6. Set Up Daily Reminders

It’s important to hang out with people you share the same goal with and those who are supportive. Such people will help you stay on the right track. You can all exercise together at your neighborhood or work and even set up dates to cook healthy meals and eat together.

Ensure that you subscribe to health messages and follow social media pages that can guide you. According to researchers, daily reminders have a positive impact for people wishing to lose weight.

7. Make Your Plate Greener

Pile your plates with more veggies instead of removing them. Say no to more treats and increase your vegetable intake for better results. Veggies are filled with the essential nutrients, and they keep your body healthy and energized.

However, to avoid vegetable burnout, start adding some veggies to a meal a day and increase with time.

8. Walk For a Bit Longer

As mentioned before, it’s not a must to stick to an exercise routine. Get off the bus some miles behind, walk to work and take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift.

By increasing your physical activities, you will be able to burn about 120 calories every day.


Making a few minor changes in your lifestyle can have a positive impact on your body and help you drop that extra pound. Start your day with the right foot. Incorporate the habits above and watch your dreams come true.

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