8 Design Tips for Creating a T-shirt for a High School

Whether it’s for a fundraising event or to show support for a specific team, t-shirts are a great way to do so. These help to create a sense of unity among the wearers that can speak volumes to onlookers. If you’re thinking about designing a t-shirt for a high school, here are some helpful design tips to follow.

1- Keep It Comfortable

The best design tip that anyone can give when it comes to clothing is to ensure that it’s comfortable. You can design the best t-shirt out there. However, if it’s not comfortable to wear, then no one is likely to sport it.

2- Avoid Off-Center Designs

When you’re placing a picture or a logo on your t-shirts, they need to be visually appealing. This means placing them in a centered manner. When we say centered, that means visually. If your logo weighs heavily to the right, you’ll want to place it slighting further to the right. This will make it appear more visually centered even though it actually isn’t.

3- Keep It High

As you’re placing a logo or wording on your t-shirt design, you want to keep it near the top. Avoid placing text or logos solely at the bottom or middle of a t-shirt. This will appear visually unappealing to anyone looking at the t-shirt.

4- Take Your Time With Typography

The actual display of your writing is going to have a big impact on how your t-shirt appears. If you have a lot of text, you may want to consider using various fonts, bolding, italicizing, and even changing the size of the font. This will help to make the t-shirt more appealing instead of being overfilled with text.

5- Use Composition Effectively

Composition is simply the overall way that you bring all the components of your t-shirt together. Some of the biggest mistakes that newbies make is designing shirts with too much space between the components and shirts that have all of the components too bunched up. You want all of the components of your t-shirt to look like they belong together and are easily read.

6- Avoid Using Low-Resolution Images

You only want to submit the highest-quality images for your t-shirt design. Low-resolution images tend to come out looking choppy and unclear. In most cases, you want an image with at least 200 DPI or higher. DPI simply stands for pixels over inches, and you can find this measurement in the description of your picture file.

7- Choose Your Colors Carefully

Colors are one of those t-shirt design components that can make or break the overall look of your t-shirt. It’s a general rule of thumb to stick to three colors or less in your t-shirt design. This helps to avoid clashing and overstimulation of your viewers.

8- Don’t Overcomplicate Your Design

When you first start designing your t-shirt, it can be super easy to come up with many different design elements that you want to include. In reality, you need to look over all of those elements and only choose the ones that really help to portray the information that you want to get across. When you keep your design simple, onlookers are going to be more capable of processing the information in totality.

Designing a t-shirt for a high school can be a fun experience. However, you want to ensure that the end product you come up with is astounding for everyone. By following the design tips that we went over above, you can set yourself up to have a great t-shirt that everyone will love to wear.