8 Complete Thanksgiving Dinner Menus Prepared In No Time Flat

If done properly, preparing the Thanksgiving feast can take days that busy moms simply don’t have. Luckily, there are ways to make a complete and delicious Thanksgiving menu that you can prepare only hours before the guests arrive. Here are 8 such dinner menus as well as a couple of daring Thanksgiving recipes you might find useful.

Thanksgiving Shortcuts and Recipes


Recipe via busycooks.about.com

Quick-Roasting Turkey With Thyme Butter and Gravy Plus 8 Side Dishes


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The 60-Minute Thanksgiving Feast


Recipe via epicurious.com

A Fast and Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

A Fast and Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

Recipe via finecooking.com

Thanksgiving In A Bucket


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Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

thanksgiving turkey cale

Recipe via chow.com

The 30-minute Thanksgiving Menu With 15 Recipes To Choose From


Recipe via tasteofhome.com

60-minute Thanksgiving Dinner Menu With Turkey Breasts

thanksfinal in an hour

Recipe via brit.co

Hosting the Thanksgiving dinner is never easy, no matter how many times you’ve done it. There are so many detail to think of and so many things to do that you might feel like taking days off from work just to get it all done. With all the work that needs to be done when Thanksgiving finally comes, you won’t feel like giving thanks, especially when you think about the clean up afterwards.

This year get a chance to actually be rested and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner by shortening the time you’ll have to spend in the kitchen. Instead of preparing dishes days in advance, our list of recipes will help you make something that will take only hours of your time and still has all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

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