8 Best things that you can do in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the most populated region in the city of New York, and it offers an enormous amount of tourist attractions for travelers all over the world. From food to art to museum, there is nothing that you won’t find in this region, and that’s why it is one of the most preferred destinations for people who are visiting New York. Since there is a lot of things to do in Brooklyn, it is hard to travel around carrying extra baggage. That’s why it is recommended to securely store your stuff at luggage storage in Brooklyn, NY. You can easily find a lot of individual storages at vertoe online application, which is specifically designed to make your travel plans easier without adding the burden of carrying luggage with you everywhere. Even though there are a lot of destinations you can visit in Brooklyn, we have shortlisted eight best locations that you must see in this region on your next trip to New York.


You might find this name humorous, but this was once an industrial zone which has been converted into one of the hotshot tourist destinations. This place provides you a fantastic view of the bridge, and the old warehouses were reform into fancy restaurants and diners, which is a dream come true for every food lover. Apart from that, this place offers you one of the most delicious pizzas in the City.

2. Brooklyn Navy yard

This place was working in full capacity as a naval yard till 1979 but now it has become the home of rooftop reds, Brooklyn Grange and Kings county distillery followed by BLDG 92 museum. The museum is dedicated towards history and, it’s open on weekends for public tours.  

3. Brooklyn bridge

It is one of the major attractions that New York City has to serve. You can drive on this vast bridge and explore the beauty of the city from it. Or you can just admire the beauty of this huge architecture from different points. If you are willing to take a long walk, there is even a pedestrian pathway on this bridge where you can slowly enjoy the best view of the city.

4. Brooklyn museum

This museum offers a large collection of Egyptian art. You will find a lot of contemporary art that will definitely take your breath away. Due to museum policies, you won’t be able to carry a lot of baggage with you in the museum so you can store it at luggage storage Brooklyn before visiting the museum.

5. Brooklyn children’s museum

If you are travelling with your children, this is a place you must visit. This museum offers a miniature version of Brooklyn for the kids and they can create their own designs also. 

6. Brooklyn flea market

This market offers you a lot of things which you can’t resist buying. This block is comprised of the local store from the neighborhood of Brooklyn and it is famous for vintage clothing and furniture which is eye candy for travelers across the globe.

7. Barge music

If you are a music lover, then this is the perfect place for you to hangout. You can enjoy music concerts with your family and friends here and it is a great place to introduce classical music to your kids.

8. Coney island

If you are willing to chill out, then you can easily relax in the warm sand of Coney island. This place is free and open to all and is famous for its iconic boardwalk. You will also find a huge aquarium and amphitheater which is a great place for kids.

These are some of the best places you need to visit in Brooklyn. If you are worried about storing your luggage while visiting New York, you can easily find luggage storage places in NYC with the help of Vertoe and safely drop your bags there and explore around the city freely. 

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