8 Best Apps to Stay Healthy

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time at home. We don’t just work in front of our PCs but also watch movies, chat with friends or play live dealer casino Canada games. This sedentary lifestyle worsens our physical and mental health. Use these 8 user-friendly apps to avoid negative consequences of these hard days and stay energized.

Nike+Training Club

If you have decided to change your lifestyle, but going to the gym is not yet part of your schedule, Nike+Training club will be helpful for both iOS and Android phones. The free app contains more than 100 video workouts from professional athletes. Choose your goal – flexibility, weight loss, or core strength – and your preferred duration and work out. Classes of 10, 30, 45 minutes can be held anywhere you want: in the park, at home or anywhere else. In Nike+Training club you can create a personal training program and share the feats with friends. Try it, it’s very exciting!


MyFitnessPal is much more than just a calorie counter. The clever MyFitnessPal app gradually studies your eating habits, takes into account users’ personal requests (for example, if you want to try a low-carb diet) and creates an individual dietary profile – with your eating habits and optimal diet. Eating can be entered in two clicks by searching through a database of hundreds of millions of foods and meals and sometimes by simply scanning barcodes in grocery stores.

You can also track your daily physical activity. In this case, manually enter your workouts or sync the app with another fitness service. Apple HealthKit, Samsung Health, Garmin, and FitBit would all work for sure. Then MyFitnessPal will be able to adjust your profile and nutritional recommendations based on the intensity level of your workouts.


Does working in an office prevent you from leading an active lifestyle? Start by downloading a pedometer app and assess the scale of the disaster. StepWise will monitor your activity throughout the day, count how many steps you have walked, how much distance you have covered, and how fast you have moved. Based on this data, the program will tell you how many calories you spent and how much weight you lost. The app with a simple interface can be your first step to feeling great. It offers a nice bonus. It consumes almost no battery on your smartphone.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is as important to health as nutrition and movement and affects all systems of the body. Sound sleep normalizes brain and heart function, helps fight stress, improves digestion, and generally makes our lives much better. To sleep well and wake up easily, you can set the Sleep Cycle smart alarm clock.

Download the app, set a half-hour window to wake up, and place the phone next to your bed at body level. For example, on a nightstand or chair. Through your smartphone speaker, Sleep Cycle will listen to and analyze your sleep behavior, identify the phases of short and deep sleep and help you wake up at the moment when it’s easiest for your body to do so. The app has visual sleep statistics and sleep optimization tips. And on the site, you can see global statistics: which countries have the best sleep, where they wake up earlier and where they snore louder.


Pacer is a pedometer app. It calculates not only the number of steps you take, but also the calories you spend, the time you spend walking, and the distance you have walked. In addition, the app can track the time of day in which you were most active.

Through the GPS system, the program tracks your route, which you can then share with your friends. By the way, there is also a section with routes, which will show you the most interesting places to walk nearby.


The app is recommended by many doctors and pharmacists. Medisafe helps to take medicines, dietary supplements, vitamins and birth control pills in time. This is not just an alarm clock but a full-fledged electronic medicine cabinet.

You can set specific parameters: how many pills, how, when and for how long to take, create a family account for taking vitamins, make separate lists of effective medications (for stomach aches, allergies, and so on). Besides, Medisafe can be synchronized with health monitoring devices and track how taking pills affects your well-being.


FitCoach is one of the best apps for workouts at home. The program is incredibly clear and simple. All you need is just fill in the current weight, height and desired result.

There are three training goals to choose from, such as losing weight, increasing stamina, and gaining weight. There are also three fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. With FitCoach, you can correct individual problem areas. For example, if your “sore zone” is your arms, then check the box in the right place when configuring the app, and the program will make a plan with a focus on this area. Well, if you think your whole body is one big “problem area,” the app will respond by putting together a comprehensive home workout for your whole body. Without coaches or gyms.

Relax Melodies

After all the achievements, it would be nice to get some sleep. What’s a healthy lifestyle without a good night’s sleep? The Relax melodies app offers about 20 free sounds, and the rest are available with a membership. All of them can be combined with each other. For example, you can easily create the sound of traveling on a train in heavy rain. To do this, simply select a few appropriate icons and save the melody in your favorites. The “mixer” menu adjusts the “balance” of the melodies. The same rain outside the train window can be made a little quieter, thereby achieving a full simulation.

A subscription-based SleepMovies feature is available. It’s a set of exercises that will help you fall asleep better and quicker. Interestingly, all exercises are done with a pillow in hand.