8 Annoying Temper Tantrums Toddlers Will Throw

Kids are hilarious sometimes, as they can go from laughing to throwing a tantrum in 2.5 seconds. What they like today they may hate tomorrow, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Kids have a way of testing our patience, but boy do we love them! If your baby is just hitting the age where they are starting to walk and talk a lot, then you are in for a treat. 

Let’s talk about 8 things that toddlers tend to hate.

Change Their Mind About What They Love Almost Daily

This is a true favorite among parents. Today Sally loves her purple bear and wants to take it everywhere you go. Tomorrow you pack it in the bag, but Sally no longer loves purple bear, she now wants her pink bear. 

Parenting is hard, so to make it easier on yourself it is probably best to check what is your child’s favorite toy of the day. Allow them to pick out what they get to take with them, as you may save yourself a temper tantrum later.  

Wearing What The Weather Calls For

Every parent I know struggles with dressing their toddler. There are good and bad days, but most days toddlers never want to wear what the weather calls for.  

Of course, its winter outside and Tommy needs to wear a hat, gloves, and coat. All he wants to wear for the day is a pair of undies and a raggedy shirt that should probably make its way to the recycling bin. 

This can be a tough one. Perhaps allow them to help you pick out the shirt they will wear in exchange for wearing their winter gear. Allow them to wear their favorite pair of rain boots, as they will protect their feet from the snow. Some give and take will help get your little one out the door. 

A Change in Routine Will Ruin Their Day

Toddlers are funny little humans. They live for a routine, which is good but can be bad if you woke up late and need to get out the door in a hurry. 

Kids sometimes run on their own time clock, and rushing them can ruin their whole day. It may be wise to show up a little late to where ever you are going, just so you can make sure your little one gets everything they need before leaving the house. 

It will make your life a bit easier, and you could avoid a huge fit being thrown. Choose your battles, and this one may be one you just have to explain to your boss! 

Finding Solutions To Things You Said No To

No toddler likes to hear the word “NO”. Some toddlers make it their mission to create a scene once they have been told no. Doing what you say is something all toddlers detest. They have to push their boundaries and see if you break. Unfortunately, this one is going to take some tough parenting to break. Let us know how it goes! 

They Always Want What You Have

You can ask your toddler which color cup they want, and it doesn’t matter which one they choose they will always want the one that you took. Some will go as far as throwing an absolute fit until they get their way. 

This again will take some time and tough parenting. You will have to show them that you have to stick to a choice once you make it. You may feel like you are fighting a battle that cannot be won, but be strong. 

Struggling To Care For Your Toddler’s Teeth

Daily life is hard enough with a toddler, and trying to care for their health can be absurd sometimes. Trying to care for your toddler’s teeth can absolutely send you over the deep end. 

The objective here is learning to be creative and fun when it comes to your kid’s dental care. It will benefit them and you in the long run. They will be more willing to allow you to brush their teeth if they are having fun.

What Happen To Sharing Is Caring

It doesn’t matter how many times we say it as a parent, kids generally do not like to share. Almost all kids go through some type of selfish stage.

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Do you struggle daily with your toddler’s temper tantrums? Comment below and let us know how you handle your child’s annoying behavior. 

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