70’s Inspired Sneakers Styles: Fall/Winter 2020 Edition

The old school vintage styles of the 70’s are back for the upcoming fall and winter fashion season. Throwback styles from this classic decade give people a way to add vintage chic pieces to their comfy, casual looks. Many apparel and shoe designers are looking back to this iconic period in time for new styles for 2020 and beyond. You can find your favorite 70’s inspired sneaker styles wherever you see cheap name brand sneakers for sale. Here are some of the hottest vintage kicks available for the fall and winter season.

Adidas Retro

The iconic three stripes from Adidas are on full display in their vintage styles for fall. Adidas sneakers have been a standard in footwear for athletes since its beginnings in the 1950s. The company started venturing into casual streetwear with its shoes and apparel starting in the 1960s and has taken off ever since. You can show off your old school Adidas style in a tracksuit and the classic retro sneakers, such as the popular Nite Jogger from the era.

Nike Classic

Nike is another shoe brand that has designs that are always in style. If you want to go retro, look for a pair of the original Nike Classic sneakers with their characteristic swoosh. It’s a basic style that comes in many different color combinations. The most classic option is the traditional white sneaker with a large red swoosh accenting most of the shoe.

Converse All-Stars 

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers were one of the most popular shoes in history. In the 1970s, this shoe was a top choice for professional basketball players. It was made mostly from canvas, with a rubber toe, sole and heel for extra durability. Today, the classic style remains popular and mostly unchanged. There are lots of possible designs and colors available from Converse that give sneaker lovers an updated look, but you can still go with a classic solid black or red to give yourself some vintage style. 

Puma Classic 

Puma was another big name in professional basketball footwear. The Puma Clyde was dreamed up by the sportswear company and basketball player Walt “Clyde” Frazier in the 1970s. The simple look of the Clyde has come back into style, and Puma has created different looks with unique materials and colors for this iconic shoe. Puma sneakers feature a thicker sole on the bottom and its recognizable stripe across the length of the shoe’s side. 

Keds White 

The last retro look for sneakers this fall and winter is the comfy and simple pair of white Keds sneakers. For women, this is a great option that goes with almost any outfit and rewards your feet. The classic pair of clean white Keds has been a wardrobe staple in women’s closets for decades, so it’s time to bring them back this fall and winter while millions of people continue to work and attend school from home. 

Gear up this fall and winter with some of the best retro sneaker styles in fashion history. Check out some of these looks and pick your favorites so you’ll always have that eternal style in your sneaker collection.

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