7 ways to save money on utilities during winter months

Energy is expensive. Much of the world struggles with energy dependence as the big energy companies work to hold their exclusive monopolies over this key commodity. But regardless of whether you are generating power yourself with solar panels or relying on the grid, saving up the juice for when you need it helps you to work less to maintain basic comforts. Let’s discuss the seven prime methods of reducing your utility costs during winter months below.

#1: Conduct an Energy Audit

Before you can begin reducing the costs of energy use, you have to first see where your energy is going. Many homes lack proper insulation and are losing heaps of energy through their roofs, doors, windows, or basements.

When you have a professional conduct an energy audit, they can examine all the critical points where heat energy is commonly lost. They may use thermal imaging to determine how efficient your home is and how it can be improved. They may recommend any of the following methods to conserve energy even more.

#2: Add Insulation

Whether you need double-pane insulated windows or more insulation in your walls and attic spaces, increasing the volume of insulation helps to save energy all year round. Heat loss or cooling loss can equally run up the utility bills. There are many different types of home insulation from spray-in foam to fiberglass rolls.

Cellulose is the oldest form of insulation used but is less effective than others because it settles and shifts. It also allows cold air to permeate through it and does not form an airtight seal like foam or fiberglass sheeting.

#3: Replace Your Hot Water Heater

If your hot water heater is more than eight years old, it is near the end of its life. Rusty discolored water, leaks, and a lack of hot water when you need it are all signs of imminent failure. The good news is that replacing your hot water heater is an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the unit. Every year, the efficiency of hot water heaters increases as engineers are able to tweak designs with the right materials and methods.

When you need Hot Water Installation Brisbane, rely on Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water. We know exactly what size and model of hot water heater to recommend for your home. If you are running out of hot water or the water isn’t as hot as before, we can come in and make the adjustments or replace the unit. It is fairly common for the temperature of the water to drop in the winter. This is typically remedied by adjusting the thermostat.

#4: Turn Down the Thermostat

While having hot water when you need it may require you to turn up the thermostat on your hot water heater, saving energy at home is much easier when you turn down the thermostat. Now is the perfect time to invest in a space heater or a small portable fireplace to heat only the rooms that you are using during the day. Some homeowners even insist on wearing winter coats during the cold season to reduce their dependence on home heating.

#5: Replace Old Windows

Single pane glass windows and drafty old wooden frames are a major loss of heat energy in older homes. People who fail to replace them are literally throwing their money out the windows. The money saved on heating bills can pay for new double-pane thermal proof windows in just a few months. These vinyl window frames fit snugly in place of your old windows and open with ease for cleaning. They improve the value and appearance of any home.

#6: Inspect Your HVAC System

Having your annual HVAC system is essential for long-term maintenance. You may have ductwork that is buckled, loose, or filled with dust and mold. Cleaning out your ductwork and ensuring that everything is operating perfectly will instill peace of mind that you are getting the best value for your money. And when your system is operating efficiently, it will also ensure that your rooms heat up faster when you need the heat.

#7: Seal Drafty Doors

It is important to seal out the drafts of exterior and interior doors. Hot air inherently rises. If you have a draft guard to lay in front of the door or doors with airtight seals, this will help to hold in the heat and keep you comfortable without busting your budget.

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