7 Ways to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship

Make Eye Contact

Psychologists have found out that maintaining eye contact is a great way to produce positive emotions and get in sync with a partner. There’s something incredibly hot and stimulating about meeting another person’s gaze and holding on to it. Eye contact enables the synchronized release of oxytocin, a bonding and feel-good hormone. Thus, couples experience a little excitement burst that can lead to even spicier things later on.

Ask for Something New

Even the most exciting, fulfilling and passionate relationships can start feeling habitual after a while. Keeping the spark alive is all about trying new stuff and exploring horizons you haven’t incorporated in your routine already.

Don’t be afraid to ask for something new, whether you’d like the introduction in the bedroom or in another aspect of life. Are you interested in a bit of experimentation with furry plugs or some other butt plugs? Let your partner know! Chances are that they’ll be excited to fulfill your fantasy and giving the experiment a try together will build a ton of trust. As an added bonus, the butterflies will come back for sure!

Have Dinner Together as Often as Possible

Sharing a meal with your significant other is one of the most intimate experiences, especially if you put the phones down and dedicate that time to the two of you. Work schedules and general responsibilities make it impossible to always share a meal but get in the habit of having dinner together as often as possible. Eating together is so important that a ton of research has been done on the topic. Having a meal alone can be quite alienating. Sharing a meal, on the other hand, encourages people to catch up with each other and talk. Open communication is, needless to say, one of the pillars of a happy relationship.

Sleep Naked

Ditch the pajamas for a couple of nights and you’ll definitely get those sparks back. Sleeping naked isn’t just a sexual thing. It also demonstrates your openness and the fact that you feel completely comfortable with your significant other.You don’t need to get rid of sleepwear every single night, especially if it’s chilly in your bedroom. Getting rid of clothing once in a while, however, can give you more fulfilling sexual experiences and a kind of closeness you may be experiencing for the very first time.

Try Sensate Focus Exercises

This is an approach that relationship therapists recommend. Sensate focus is all about touching and being touched. It’s a type of foreplay that involves one giver and one receiver – you’re not going to be doing both simultaneously. The giver works on stimulating different body parts and exploring areas that aren’t usually incorporated in a sex routine. This is a very sensual practice that contributes to rediscovering a partner and giving them a higher level of sexual pleasure. Sensate focus is an especially great kind of exercise for those who experience difficulties climaxing. It also encourages people to communicate with each other about where and how they like to be touched.

Go Back to Those Early Day Activities

What kinds of activities did you enjoy the most over the first months of dating? Going back to those is another great strategy for rekindling the passion.Obviously, you had a lot more sex in the beginning of the relationship. But this wasn’t the only thing you engaged in. chances are that you ate out more often, went to the cinema, attended concerts or just strolled through the city together. Reenacting a fond and dear memory will help you remember what made you fall in love in the first place. You probably need such a reminder, especially if you’ve been together for many years already.

Make Out Like Teenagers

There’s something incredibly exciting about just making out without going all the way. Kiss passionately and touch each other. Have a quick make out session on the back seat of the car. This kind of intimacy is incredibly bonding but it tends to get lost as relationships progress. Make out in the morning, go to work and have sex only when you come back home in the evening. This routine will build anticipation and get you thinking about your partner throughout the day.

Anticipation, remembering the early days and considering new things to do together can all strengthen your relationship and make it more exciting. If you feel that something has disappeared and the passion is no longer there, be proactive. The sooner you do something about it, the sooner you’ll go back to relationship bliss.

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