7 Unusual Uses of Commercial Toothpaste You Could Never Think Of

Toothpaste is used only for one thing, right?

They serve you right for cleaning your teeth and maintain oral health.

Well, it turns out there are several things you can do with toothpaste around the house.

When I first saw these tricks, I thought that they don’t make sense. When I tried a couple of them, I believed that people are geniuses walking on earth.

My first trick was cleaning the headlights of my car. My husband always says that I don’t pay enough attention and drive my car with dirt on it.

One time he put a sticker on the windshield saying “please wash me.” He messes with me that trees are growing inside my car.

Well, men claim they are the better drivers, so they better start acting like that.

I used the headlight restoration trick, and the headlights of my car looked as good as new.

Who would’ve thought that toothpaste could solve a problem like that?

See that and a couple more uses of the toothpaste in the following minutes.

Here we go:

1. Headlight Cleaner

2. Nail Whitener

3. Clean White Shoes

4. Polishing Silver

5. Cleaning the Sink

6. Furniture Ring Removal

7. Fix Drywall Holes

Magnificent huh? I totally needed this!

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David Wolfe


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