7 Tips to Use Your Air Conditioner Effectively This Summer

As much as we all love the summer season, the intense heat and humidity almost ruin all the fun of vacations and parties that you had been waiting for so long. Thanks to technology, we have air conditioners to deal with the heat, at least when indoors!

But having an air conditioner can also become a burden on your wallet, especially when the summers are at the peak.

Fret not!

We bring you seven amazing tips that’ll help you use your air conditioner effectively, so you don’t have to spend an enormous amount on electric bills. Instead, you can save some bucks and go on a shopping spree for all the parties.  Let’s take a look:

1. Use a Smart AC Controller or a Smart Thermostat

You might’ve heard of a smart air conditioner and given a thought to buy one. But if you’ve dropped the idea considering their high costs, then we have got a budget-friendly solution for you!

You can make your ordinary air conditioner smart by pairing it with a smart AC controller or a smart thermostat. These devices can make your life super convenient by turning your ordinary air conditioner into a smart air conditioner.

Imagine coming home after work and waiting for hours after turning your AC on to get a comfortable temperature. Already sounds exhausting, right?

You can completely avoid ending up in this situation by owning a mini-stat or a smart thermostat. Using features like weekly schedules or location-based controls, you can set your AC to turn on before you arrive. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about turning it off when you leave. It’ll take care of that too.

In addition to this, you can set intelligent triggers to control temperature and humidity, and control your AC using your smartphone. The best part is that these devices can do all of this while simultaneously saving you 25% energy.

2. Pair It With a Fan

When the temperature is at the peak, all you want is just to sit under the air conditioner and enjoy the sensation of cold air directly on your face. But sadly, this can’t be done!

Not just that your electric bills would increase, but it’s also not convenient to sit in one place and ignore all the pending work. What you can do is just install a ceiling fan, and your problem would be solved.

Run your air conditioner on the lowest possible setting and turn on the ceiling fan. Your air conditioner will introduce cool air into your room, and your fan will spread it across a wider area. This way, you won’t have to fight with your fam for that one single spot that gets all or most of the conditioned air.

Adding a fan will not only maximize your comfort but also help reduce your AC costs.  

3. Maintain Indoor Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity is one of the major causes of discomfort when it comes to maintaining the temperature indoor. However, most of the time, it just skips our minds to pay attention to humidity levels.

If you’ve done everything to maintain the room temperature and still feel discomfort, then most probably it’s your indoor humidity that needs to be controlled.

The recommended optimal indoor humidity levels are between 30% – 50%. These numbers just set the borderline, and the exact answer is influenced by a number of other factors, including your area’s climate, clothing, and personal needs.

If you’ve paired your air conditioner with a smart air conditioner controller, then your problem is already sought. You can use features like Comfy Mode and run your air conditioner to achieve the desired humidity level.

4. Clean Air Filters Frequently

You may know the importance of cleaning the air filters regularly but what you may not know is the fact that dirty air filters can increase energy consumption by up to 15%. The reason is that when air filters become clogged, the air conditioner has to work hard to maintain your set temperature.

Many air conditioners nowadays come with washable air filters. You should clean them frequently and change them after three to four months.

A smart thermostat also helps you in this case. It notifies you when your air filter needs cleaning by keeping track of your usage.

5. Close the Blinds During the Day

During the daytime, when the sun is out, you should keep your blinds closed to keep the sun out. Sun rays won’t only heat up your thermostat but also leave you to feel the searing heat of the sun.

Keeping your blinds down would keep the sun rays out. It’ll also help add an extra layer of insulation to your windows and won’t let the cool air escape.

6. Upgrade Insulation

If the doors, windows, walls of your home have a crack or a gap, then the cool air will constantly escape through it. Consequently, your air conditioner will have to run at all times to compensate for the conditioned air lost through these gaps.

This can lead to a hike in your bills. Additionally, your AC’s maintenance needs will also be increased.

It is, therefore, necessary that you upgrade your home’s insulation at the start of every season.

7. Make Sure Area Around the Outdoor Unit Is Clean

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner often gets ignored because you don’t see it often and easily forget about its existence. The outdoor unit is the main powerhouse behind all the work that is done to run an air conditioner.

When your air conditioner is not giving its best, just take a look around the outside unit of your AC. It often gets surrounded by debris, weeds, trees, bushes, and dirt that can all block the air vents. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the area around the outdoor unit clean to ensure your AC gives its best.

We hope with these tips, you’ll be able to beat the heat and have a super fun season without worrying about your bills.