7 Tips to Help You Choose A Perfect Wedding Tent

No outdoor wedding is complete without a grand tent. They add a personal, professional décor and a comfortable touch to any location. However, they can admittedly be a little costly – some which may cost you more than few thousand dollars. Because of this, here are some tips for making the most out of your perfect wedding tent investment.

1. Types

Before you contact a rental company, first things first: wedding tent types. There are four main types of canopies. They all provide different benefits.

  • Tension tents have a steep ceiling due to high-center poles. This makes them feel roomier and feel more open.
  • Pop-up canopies install easily and are incredibly lightweight.
  • Framed tents are heavier metal frames and must be installed by the rental company
  • Pole tents have poles around the perimeter and are perfect for rougher/more harsh weather (great option if you’re suspecting a storm or heavy downfall)

2. Color

You may have heard that “the traditional color for tents is white” and that you can “choose from a wide variety and combinations.” While this is certainly true, it’s not really useful, is it? What the copycats mean is this: it’s your wedding. Most canopy tents yearly trends in the design department. This means that you are in control of what color you want the tent to be. There’s an array of colors you can choose from.

3. Location

No matter which venue you select, you absolutely must plan to set the wedding tent on the highest high ground imaginable. (As long as it’s as even as possible.) This will give everyone at the tent a wonderful view of the sights below. What’s the point of a wedding reception if every aspect doesn’t absolutely blow everyone’s minds away? No matter where you pick, be sure to use parquet-wood flooring for the dance floor. Trust me: it’s hard to get your groove on grass.

4. Classic or New?

Sailcloth tents let in the natural, warming light of the sun without blinding anybody. Sailcloth cover tops tend to block out the extraordinary view. Clear-top tents are a great alternative that live up to their name. They are a clear top (surprise!) that shows you beautiful surroundings.

5. Size

Bigger is rarely better. Here’s why: the larger size your tent, the more comfortable your guests will be. No one enjoys being scrunched up shoulder-to-shoulder. Here’s a handy seat estimation:

  • 6 sq.ft. per person for chairs
  • 12 sq.ft. per person at circular tables
  • 8 sq. ft. per person at square tables

6. Ask

Some venues require people to set up tents in specific areas, as well. Before you rent or buy a canopy tent, ask the owner of the location (if the location is on owned property) if they work with any particular vendor. This will prevent confusion and fees that may occur. Be sure to also ask how much it will cost you to attach bathrooms, AC, ground cover, dance floors, etc. to the tent.

7. Vendor

All vendors you come across will have a list of policies. Cancellation policies, emergency policies, etc. Do your research before choosing, such as asking if they have non-refundable deposit criteria.


A perfect sized wedding tent can make or break the reception. As if planning for the wedding didn’t cause enough storms and headaches, the reception is another area that requires just as much foresight and planning. But, by following these tips, you will take off a lot of the weight off your shoulders.

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