7 Tips To Dress For Online Business Meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in more than one way. It has thrust a lot of us into new realities and one new reality for all of us is to sit in front of the computer screen for most of the day for online meetings and classes. More and more moms and job seekers actually prefer remote work

With the vaccine rollout and easing of restrictions, the pandemic is coming into control but many of us are still working from home. One major dilemma for all of us is how to dress for a meeting. For the lower-level meetings, you can opt for casual attire but if you have a very important, high-level meeting, what should you wear? Let’s take a look at a few tips on dressing for online meetings.

1.    Wear a bright colored t-shirt or blouse

You may be tempted to dress for a meeting like you would for a TV interview but in reality, you will be using the laptop for your meetings and the quality of the camera will make a lot of difference. When you wear a bright-colored t-shirt, it will brighten things up and allow you to stand out in the blurry or gray scape. If the wall behind you is plain, it is even more important to wear a bright-colored blouse. Men can opt for bright shirts or t-shirts while women can choose bright coloured blouses. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans from a budget-friendly and size-inclusive site like Fashion Nova

2. Do not wear a very low or high neckline 

For women, it is best to avoid a low-cut neckline or a very high neckline. It will draw the attention away from the face and it is best avoided if you are in a work meeting. It can also become a distraction as it will need to be constantly adjusted. A high neckline can be problematic for other reasons. You could end up looking like a floating head! Hence, it is best to avoid mock necks, turtle necks, and button-ups on formal dresses. Pick blouses or dresses that hit right in the middle and do not need a lot of maintenance. 

3. Stay away from super structured or fitted tops

Since you will be sitting behind the desk, you will want to avoid wearing anything that tugs or pulls across the middle or shoulders. It will help avoid gaps or button-ups. Even anything too tight should be avoided. To get the perfect outfit, you need something comfortable that fits well and does not stretch uncomfortably across the chest. 

4. Opt for sleeves

It is best to avoid sleeveless dresses or tops and go for some type of sleeve. When you wear sleeves, it will help avoid any renegade bra straps from making an appearance. You can experiment with different sleeves that add volume to the look. Men should ensure that the sleeves on the t-shirt are not too short or tight. If you are wearing a shirt, you can roll up your sleeves up to the elbows.

5. Wear the right pants

It may be tempting to sit for the meeting in your pajamas or shorts but do wear proper pants. There could be a possibility that you have to jump up to grab something or need a bathroom break and you will want to be seen in a full outfit. 

6. Try monochrome dressing

Those at the topmost level of management should focus on the monochrome dressing. It is the key to exercise your power. Men can wear suits while women can wear separates in a single color or wear separates in different shades but the same color. This will help create a complete and harmonious look. If you think that wearing black, grey, or white is essential for monochrome dressing, you are wrong. You can go monochrome with any color of your choice. 

7. Remain well-groomed and stick to minimal accessories

Besides the right type of dressing, it is very important to ensure that you are well-groomed. You need to look neat and styled. Tie up your hair and keep it off the face. Your nails should be well manicured and the makeup is not necessary but if you put it on, it should be a part of the overall look. You can look fresh by simply highlighting the cheeks with a tint of cream or powder. Use a tinted balm, mascara, or blush to enhance the features on the camera. 

You do not need to invest in a new wardrobe or makeup to prepare yourself for the online business meetings. But you need to ensure that you look your best. What you wear on zoom helps you look and feel good. It should create the perception you desire and should make you look professional at all times. Just ensure that you are confident enough to go on the screen. If you constantly need to adjust the neck or the sleeve, it might not be the best attire for the meeting.

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