7 Tips for an Unforgettable Smoky Mountains Vacation

People look for peace and relaxation in their hectic daily schedules. The hustle and bustle of everyday life leave us exhausted, looking for some serenity elsewhere. Well, now you don’t have to worry about finding peace in a foreign land because it is just a few miles away! The Smoky Mountains are a perfect place to visit and spend your vacations. Lying at the borders of Tennessee and North Carolina, Smoky Mountains are a great spot for spending some quality time with yourself or your family/friends. The Smoky Mountains Park covers a long trail that will surely be a breathtaking quest for every adventure-seeker. Aside from its unrivaled beauty, the mountain has a wide range of unique activities, making it a popular family vacation spot. You can enjoy outdoor activities, outstanding country cuisine, and authentic Appalachian traditions. 

Before you embark on this great adventure, you need to look at these 7 tips for an unforgettable Smoky Mountain Vacation. 

  1. Pre-book your motel/cabins

The Smoky Mountains are a beautiful creation of nature; hence everyone wants to visit it. Hundreds of people from around the globe come to see its scenic beauty. The place gets extremely crowded during summer because the weather is quite pleasant. Hence, it is only wise to pre-book your accommodations. The mountains have proper accommodations for tourists; thus, you can book cabins in Tennessee. Pre-booking your accommodations online will make it easier for you to enjoy your vacation rather than roaming around to find a suitable stay-in facility. 

  1. Do not forget your ESSENTIALS

Going to the smoky mountains without packing your essentials is a big mistake. First of all, having a good pair of hiking boots is important. Pack a pair of comfortable, durable, and warm hiking boots to attain the most out of your vacation. There are times when the weather changes from dry-cold to wet-cold; hence, keeping a suitable pair of boots will help you trek up and down the mountain trails. Secondly, always keep navigation tools. Traveling to smoky mountains carries the risk of losing your way or getting confused; therefore, reliable navigating elements are crucial. A map is the most basic navigational aid.

Moreover, an altimeter watch can be beneficial during your journey. They have built-in GPS that does not need any electricity and are pretty helpful at high altitudes. Last but not least, traveling to smoky mountains can have instances where you don’t have electricity to charge your phone, probably in the woods. For such times a power bank is your best friend. 

  1. Read the rules and regulations

Before you head towards a vacation spot like smoky mountains, read their rules and regulations. It will not only enlighten you about the site but help you plan your trip accordingly. The Smoky Mountain Park is a free zone; hence, there won’t be any guide or help on the way. Thus, you need to go through all the details regarding your accommodation, health, and travel before leaving your home town. There are rules and regulations about hunting animals or catching fish. For instance, in North Carolina or Tennessee, a fishing license is necessary before you go fishing down the trails. 

  1. Visit the visitor center

A visitor center can be found in every national park. A visitor center is also known as a tourist information center. It is important to visit such offices before you go to a tourist spot. You can quickly get most of the information about the place from here. Visit the facility before proceeding on your day’s travels. Sugarlands and Oconaluftee are the two primary tourist centers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At both centers, volunteers are available to answer any queries you may have. A fantastic gallery and theatre are also part of the Sugarlands Visitor Center

  1. Fishing by the waterfall

Now, who doesn’t like to go fishing with their family and friends? The Smoky Mountains have great fishing spots, the streams passing by the trails are home to fishes that you can feast on at dinner/lunch. All you need is a Tennessee or North Carolina fishing license.  It’s one great activity you can do while relaxing in the smoky mountains. 

  1. Hiking/Trekking – time to use your boots

Trekking is a fantastic way to get outside. There are so many routes to select from, and there are so many sights to see. Would you like to witness a waterfall? There are numerous trails, ranging in difficulty from moderate to severe, that lead to streams. You can go hiking to see beautiful mountain views or simply enjoying the stunning wooded landscapes. In the spring, there are various trails with lovely waterfalls.

  1. Witness the colors of FALL

During Fall, the woods become colorful. The leaves start to change colors from green to yellow and yellow to orange. The woods have around more than 100 types of different species of trees. Once you climb up to a greater altitude, you can witness different shades of trees, and this is what makes the Smoky Mountains one of the most mesmerizing places to visit.  

Final Take

Now you know what to pack and where to go when planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains. These tips above will ensure that you have a great time at the Smokies. After all, it’s essential to be well-prepared and to know where to go so you can enjoy yourselves without any hurdles. Follow these seven excellent tips and have a remarkable journey with your friends and family.