7 Things You Should Ask Your Crush Before Breaking Up

Love is a relationship that needs effort from both sides to be healthy and lasting. However, for many reasons, sometimes the balance was skewed, and then one of the two sides felt too tired and decided to let go. For some, this waiver is necessary, but some regret it for a very long time.

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In order not to fall into regret, always keep in your mind: never make any decisions in a hurry or when your mood is not stable, especially when you consider whether to leave the person who has been with you for so long. People often advise before saying goodbye; you should ask yourself these seven questions thoroughly!

Is this relationship helping you get better?

Do you feel you have improved more and more since you fell in love with each other? Usually, if a person truly loves you, he or she will always cheer and encourage each time you achieve something. 

Besides, he or she still supports your interests and actions. On the other hand, if you feel your other half is pulling back your steps, preventing you from doing what you like, this is an important reason to consider. 

Because once you have negative emotions, frustrated because a person is extremely close to you, maybe that negative emotion will only increase, not decrease in the future. And this will adversely affect your spiritual life.

Do you two have the same goals and plans for the future?


It is an essential question. You are always aiming for a traveling life, gathering with friends, participating in different experiences while your half is introverted, and likes to stay at home. If so, from the beginning, there are irreconcilable differences between you two. 

A couple’s life plans and goals must always be formulated and commented on by both sides. Only when you have the same goals in life will the future of you two avoid the conflicts, controversies, disagreements that are not worth it.

Have you communicated yet?

In love, we still have our own space, our hobbies. But this does not mean that each person takes care of his own life because a relationship still needs attention and understanding for each other. If you always feel like you’re No. 2 in the other person’s heart and the other person doesn’t care what you think, how you’re feeling, maybe your relationship is in trouble.

Communication is an extremely important element in a relationship. You need to communicate to understand what the other person is thinking and wanting in this relationship. Or when you are not happy about the other half, you also need to say the reason and explain your feelings to them. 

If in a relationship where both of you are often silent, hide your feelings, then your love will not last.

Do you feel happier or sadder?

This question can help you to evaluate the current overview of love very clearly. If you’re facing a lot of severe problems but being around your crush, you still feel comfortable, peaceful, and motivated, so this is a good sign. 

On the other hand, when you have no trouble, the mood still feels lonely and tired whenever you’re facing each other, it’s time to think twice about your relationship.

Do you know how to make concessions and compromises?


A relationship without concessions will certainly not last since you are two separate individuals, and your views cannot be consistent all the time. Both must learn to yield to each other to make each other happy. Learning to sacrifice your selfishness in a relationship will help you to have a lasting love.

If you are the one who always has to sacrifice and give up his joy to please the other person, then maybe your love has no future.

Why do I want to break up with that person?

Often many reasons can affect your relationship, but not all of them can be stated. For example, did I break up with my lover so much just because he’s lazy to bathe? What you need to do is to evaluate the reasons, if you feel it is serious and unacceptable, tell them about it. If you have discussed things and the situation is not different, you should now make a decision.

The decision to break up in a hurry, for petty reasons, will make you regret it later. Because it’s not always possible to find someone who can bring you romantic feelings like him, therefore, learn to appreciate the person who is with you.

After breaking up, will my life become brighter?

Imagine what your life would be like without the other person, how would you feel? Consider every aspect of your life, from work, social life to everyday life.

If you are sure that you will live better, even happier, do not hesitate to make decisions no matter how difficult it is. Money and stability are essential, but it can’t be the reason you have to be with someone who doesn’t love you.

Take some time to think through this question carefully before considering whether or not to continue or stop your relationship. If your life without that person becomes gloomy, then try to improve the relationship, do not be alarmed by a few more temporary emotions. Because after breaking up, you will not be able to find him again.

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