7 Things That Can Affect Personal Injury Settlements

Imagine getting injured in an accident, and your life gets instantly turned upside down. Now imagine people debating how much you should get for your broken limb. As cruel as that sounds, that is sadly the harsh reality when personal injury lawyers argue your settlement case.

All is not lost, though, as it is for a worthy cause. It will help you get your life back on track in the long run. Which is something you are most definitely looking forward to, right? This article highlights a couple of things that can help you get a higher settlement from your personal injury lawsuit.

Factors That Can Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Settlement

1. Extent of the Injury

Because of the agony and suffering involved, accidents that result in more severe injuries tend to result in more significant settlements. In contrast to soft-tissue injuries like sprains or bruising, severe injuries, like fractured bones and spinal cord damage, frequently increase the value of settlements.

Similarly, plaintiffs should expect to receive a more significant compensation if their injuries are permanent. These include brain trauma, deformity, reduced mobility, or the loss or inability to use a body part permanently.

2. Liability

Personal injury attorneys can bring significant benefits to their clients by correctly arguing liability. If you can prove that the defendant is guilty without reasonable doubt, getting a more extensive settlement is definitely in your vicinity.

Attorneys can assist their clients in building the most substantial liability claims possible by taking the time to discover and interview reliable witnesses and prepare relevant evidence.

3. Publicity Involved

You know what they say about publicity, right? All publicity is good publicity. At least for you when it comes to personal liability. Especially if the defendant is a huge company that cannot afford the bad publicity. In such a case, they are more likely to offer you a larger settlement in a bid to get you to drop the charges.

4. Trauma

Accident-related discomfort commonly extends beyond physical damage. In the aftermath of an accident, emotional distress can be equally severe in the form of anxiety or depression. Of course, demonstrating that clients have experienced psychological trauma is different and can necessitate exceedingly high evidence standards. Such cases usually involve bringing in the expertise of mental health professionals.

5. Cost of Litigation

Personal injury claims need a lot of time and effort to file. Frequently necessitating the appointment of professionals to resolve technical concerns. Due to this, defendants’ costs can quickly mount up, especially in situations involving a large number of witnesses or a variety of contested scientific issues.

In such cases, plaintiffs often opt to receive higher settlements in exchange for dropping the cases. However, in the same breath, defendants need to be careful not to appear too eager because such an instance can cause the defendants to squeeze the plaintiffs even further.

6. Cost of Treatment

It goes without saying that the greater the cost of receiving treatment, the greater your settlement will be. Additionally, when doctors and hospitals are involved in post-injury medical treatment instead of physician assistants or chiropractors, larger payouts are more common. Reconstructive procedures often apply large settlement values too.

Similarly, the length of a recovery period is essential. Longer recoveries, for example, often necessitate a large number of follow-up appointments and prescriptions for a medical treatment which in turn leads to higher settlements.

7. Extent of Deviation from Your Life’s Norm

The more your life gets disrupted by the accident, the more the settlement you are entitled to. This can either be in the form of losing the ability to fend for yourself or a reduction in your life’s quality, among other things.

Get an Attorney to Receive Greater Compensation

Going for an attorney is your safest bet in ensuring a better outcome for yourself despite the circumstances. Especially in the wake of despair that may be brought along by the accident’s aftermath. Attorneys are there to help you ease into some semblance of normalcy and get you the best possible quality of life by fighting for a high settlement on your behalf.

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