7 Steps to Achieve a Totally Positive Mindset

The power of positive thinking is quite a popular concept, although sometimes it might feel a bit of a cliché. However, both the physical and mental outcomes of positive thinking tend to be demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. Without a doubt, it gives us confidence, improves our mood, and even reduces the likelihood of developing various disorders, such as hypertension, anxiety, depression and many others.

We may define positive thinking as some kind of a positive imagery, self-talk or generally – optimism, still all these will be ambiguous concepts.

Well, it seems like each one of us may have their own understanding of what a positive mindset really is, yet if you want to be effective in learning to think more positive, our dating site is already here to help you navigate through the best tips to achieve a positive mindset.

1. Think starting your day with a positive affirmation

The way you start your morning indeed can set the tone for the entire day. So, instead of letting negative thoughts and general pessimism dominate your mind, start your morning with a positive affirmation. Talk to yourself, even if you might feel quite silly, using statements like, “Today is such a good day!” or “I’m going to shine for the rest of the day.” You’ll actually be excited how much your mood for the day will improve!

2. Focus on minor good things

Almost invariably, you will encounter many obstacles throughout your day. And when such a challenge gets in your way, try to focus on its benefits, no matter how insignificant or ridiculous they might seem. For instance, if you got stuck in horrible traffic, think about how much time you now have to listen to your favorite podcast. And if the local store is out of those ingredients you want to use for a dinner, consider trying out something new.

3. Find humor even in the worst situations

Allow yourself to have a reason for humor in the darkest situations. Keep in mind that this situation might probably make for a decent story later and make sure you crack a fine joke about it! So, if you suddenly got fired, imagine the most stupid job you could ever pursue in life — just like panda handler or bubblegum sculptor.

4. Turn your failures into useful lessons

Okay, nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and experiences failures in multiple life contexts, in multiple situations and with multiple people. But right instead of focusing on obsessing with how exactly you failed, plan what you are going to do in the future — turn every failure of yours into a useful lesson. Learn to conceptualize this method in various life situations.

5. Turn negative self-talks into positive ones

Negative self-talks will creep you up pretty easily and are usually hard to notice. So, next time you catch yourself on one of those, just stop and replace every negative message with a positive one. For example, “I’m so bad at doing this” will become “I’d better get more practice and then I’ll be pro at this.”

6. Focus on here and now

You may be chewed out by your moron boss, but is this very moment the last day of your life? Forget all the comments he made ten minutes ago. Don’t mind what he will be saying ten minutes from now. Rather focus on this individual moment. Every second source of negativity stems from our memories about a recent event or a greatly exaggerated imagination of a future event. That’s why, always stay in this very moment.

7. Surround yourself with positive minds

Once you’re surrounded with positive friends, family members, co-workers and so on, you will hear only positive perspectives, stories and affirmations. Finding positive individuals to fill up the space around you can be difficult, still you will need to eliminate the negative energy floating around before it eventually consumes you. Do whatever it takes to improve your positivity with the help of other people, and let their positive attitude spread on you!

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