7 Reasons why your skin is losing the *GLOW*

Everything happens for/because of a reason, and by everything, I literally mean EVERYTHING. Abiding by that, there is a reason why your skin is not as glowing and bright as you wish it to be. But guess what, the reason can surely be reversed to your favor effortlessly.

Our skin consistently sheds dead cells but if the process is not as efficient as it should be, your skin takes an unhealthy dull path, which is certainly not a pleasant sight. Keep reading, and you will find out why is your skin cell not functioning the way they should:

1.     Lack of water or dehydration

Dehydration reduces the blood flow to your skin which makes you look dull and pale. However, if you think one glass of water can solve all your worries, you are highly mistaken. Dehydration (in literal senses) might be resolved by just one glass of water, but skin dehydration is a thing, a long term problem.

If you don’t drink sufficient water for long-periods leading to dehydrated skin, it will actually cause long term damages like fine lines, sagging skin, and even problems like even scales and deep wrinkles. However, if you take the onus on your own shoulders, the situation can be reversed by drinking sufficient water, at least 8 glasses a day

2.     Not incorporating an exfoliator

You might be washing your face at regular intervals, but you will fail to reap all the benefits until you use an exfoliator. In fact, you will observe your skin getting more dry by the day. Exfoliation or exfoliating is a process that basically creates a canvas on your skin, which allows topical products to penetrate better. In fact, it even removes the skin’s outer layer of dead cells, making it smoother and clearer and of course the glow! 😉

3.     Not moisturizing that often

If you have been worried about your dull complexion, check your skin-routine and I am sure you will find a dearth of moisturizing-sessions. Moisturizing is a LOT more important than it seems.

Our daily lifestyle, day to day activities, strenuous work hours, and other environmental factors create cracks in our skin surface, that makes it dull. Exactly where moisturizing steps-in to provide you smooth reflective surface is, since it attempts on filling those fissures with added lipids, the natural fats of the body.

4.     Stressing too much

If you want a brilliant skin, stress (read it as super stress) would not get you anywhere close. Your stress levels are indirectly related to your skin health, here’s how: when you take too much stress, you release cortisol, which affects the blood flow to the skin and skin repair in a negative way.

Stress is like an invisible wall between you and your lustrous skin, you cannot reach the other side until you break out of it. Thus. take time off and distress yourself. Do things that can help you calm down more often and take life one day after another.

5.     Not enough sleep

Your body restores when it is in complete rest and that only happens when you are sleeping. If your sleep duration is reduced or disturbed, your skin cells cannot perform at its full ability. To avoid this situation, make sure you sleep for at least 7-9 hours a day.

6.     Negative effects of the environment

The environment consists of UV Rays, air pollutants, harsh winds and low humidity, each of them streaming against you and your glamorous skin. However, the sad reality is, you CANNOT change the environment, so how will you find your way out of this mess? You will instead protect yourself. Here’s how: wash your face before bed, apply a good antioxidant every morning, and wear an SPF daily, as it shields you from the sun and pollutants. You can also add a small exercise session in your daily routine, as it enhances circulation, improves nutrient exchange, and removes toxins from the skin cells.

7.     Smoking

You do not really want to hear this, but with this habit, trust me, none of our previous tips will get you far. I know you aren’t proud of it but understand that apart from all the physical issues, smoking does serious damage to your skin. It is extremely detrimental to skin integrity and structure. It’s not too late, quit puffing these cancerous sticks today and you will soon reach the end line.

Now that you are aware of the blunders that have been behind the fading glow of your skin, avoid/quit them and never look back. Also, include some home remedies for skin to never let your skin loose the glow it deserves.

Trust me, it’s a different kind of contentment to walk with a skin that GLOWS!

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