7 Reasons Why HIIT Is Recommended

It is accurate to say that most of the people worldwide know the importance of physical activity in relation to health, but only about 70% get enough of it. Many claim not to have enough time for exercise. If you fall into this category, the 30%, it is your high time to try out HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). It is a scientifically proven and recommended workout that involves alternate periods of short, intense exercise and recovery sessions (10 to 30 minutes). It has health benefits, as highlighted below.

1. Quick calories burn

Researches back HIIT to burn the calories of between 25 to 30% more than any other form of exercise. It works in the sense that it takes a shorter time than the traditional exercise sessions. With this workout, you can burn more or the same amount of calories, but within minimal exercising time. Depending on the intensity of your workout, HIIT is known to boost metabolism several hours after the exercise. In some research, it was found that HIIT tends to shift body metabolism towards energy use other than carbs. This will also go a long way in calories burning after an exercise session.

2. More enjoyable

HIIT has stood out to be a healthy kind of exercise, which is pleasant to the participants. In one of the recent studies, there was an indication that 92% of the participant enjoy HIIT exercise over other methods. At the initial stage, some might find it cumbersome, but after a while, it becomes part and parcel of the system. HIIT training sessions don’t have to be boring at all. A great strategy to keep yourself engaged with physical activity is to find a place and routine that keeps you on. That’s when underwater HIIT comes into the scene. Their benefits have an unmeasurable impact on both your physical and psychological conditions. You can visit https://waterresist.com.au/ to find more about a kind of exercise that may change your life forever.

3. Fat loss

Some may doubt the short time devoted to HIIT, but surprisingly it works. It reduces a lot of body fat and even waist circumference. Researches have shown that HIIT can reduce about 17% of visceral fat as well as fats surrounding internal organs which might turn to be disease promoting if accumulated in excess. It is more significant in overweight or obese persons.

4. Increase testosterone production

In clinical studies that have been conducted recently, there is a clear indication that you can boost t-levels with HIIT more than steady training. There are various ways you can do the HIIT while achieving the desired results, so you will not stick on one cardio machine. Such clinically supported methods include sprinting.

5. Muscle gain

Muscle mass gain is part of the health benefits you can derive from HIIT. It occurs majorly in the muscles that are actively involved during the exercise, such as the legs and the trunk. Although weight training remains to be the outstanding mode of increasing muscle mass, HIIT supports some small percentage of muscle growth.

6. Improved oxygen consumption

Talking about oxygen consumption means the ability of the muscles to use oxygen to produce energy through respiration. Endurance training is typically considered and used method to achieve improved oxygen consumption. Traditionally, this could involve long sessions of continuous exercise, but HIIT can yield the same results in a minimum period.

7. Reduce blood sugar level

This program lasting not more than 12 weeks can significantly reduce blood sugar level. It is beneficial to both healthy and diabetic individuals, but majorly those at risk for a type 2 diabetes. For healthy individuals, HIIT primarily helps with insulin resistance.

In conclusion, HIIT is a very efficient and effective way to exercise. Though high-intensity interval training produces the same results and benefits as other exercise methods, it takes a shorter time. So if faced with limited time, you should not skip maintaining your body active but rather consider undertaking HIIT.

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