7 Reasons Why Brothers Are Awesome

Raksha Bandhan is not too far away and it is that time of the year when along with the rainy season, the mood of festivity is all around us. When we different varieties of beautiful and colourful rakhis on sale along with stalls for our favourite sweets thronged by people, we know that the festival of Raksha Bandhan has arrived. This time it is going to be a lot sweeter as it also going to overlap with the Independence Day celebrations. The celebration of the bond of love along with the freedom from the bondage of colonial occupation is an interesting cocktail worth cherishing for ages.

So, are you excited for Raksha Bandhan? I am sure you will already be making plans for the day. But let us take a moment to appreciate what makes this festival so special. It celebrates sibling love which is unlike anything else. It is the celebration of a better-sweet love with lots of happy memories of growing up together, being partners in crime and above the promise of being there for each other. If you live away from your brother, that should not be a problem as you can still send your love by sending rakhi to India through online gifting portals.

If you are mad at your brother for some reason, or you are hesitant in expressing your love for him or if you are just not there with him to celebrate Raksha Bandhan together, I have something that will hopefully nudge you to go all out and shower your affection on your brother.

Brothers are cool and here are seven reasons why:

  • He is your first roommate: If you have a brother, younger or older, he is probably the first person you would have shared a room with. The whole experience of growing up and living together, knowing each other’s little secrets and habits is quite special indeed. Isn’t he the ideal roommate already? So, how about you relieve those happy memories with a gift like a rakhi photo frame? It will surely be appreciated by your brother.
  • He is your partner in crime: If you are or have been the mischievous kind, you would have found ample support from your brother. After all, stealing pickles or sneaking out to play has been and will always be more fun than being the well-behaved kid our parents would want us to be.
  • He is your free personal security: Brothers are usually extra protective for their sisters. So, over the years while growing up he definitely would have shielded you with many bullies and onesided-love of wannabe lovers.
  • He is your confidant: We can talk more freely to our siblings than to our parents and its because they just get us. They understand us. You would have also confided in your brother when something bothered you are when you wanted to unburden yourself with a secret which would otherwise be embarrassing.
  • He is your best friend and advisor: When it comes to your friends, your brother is probably the first friend you make and also the most trustworthy one. He will always give you the best advice partly because he understands you best and also partly because he genuinely cares for you.
  • He gives you a reality check: Not everyone we meet in our lives is totally honest with us. Friends and acquaintances can at times flatter you or give you the wrong information or advice because of some vested interest, but your brother will always show you the mirror. He knows you the best and has no other interests other than ensuring that you are okay. Now that is adorable.
  • He never lets you get bored: With all the banter, leg-pulling, jokes and teasing, there is hardly any dull moment with your brother. He is your all-time and all-weather entertainment at your service whenever you feel a little low.

Is it not amazing, how much our brothers mean to us. Hope these reasons remind you why you need to tell your brother how much you love and care for him this Raksha Bandhan. So, go ahead, make plans and have a memorable Raksha Bandhan.

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